In this part of TRINPsite you will find two distinct types of board puzzles, which are interactive (and innocuous), provided that you allow the use of Javascript:

  • Sliding block puzzles: two-dimensional spatial puzzles in which you will have to rearrange blocks on a board without lifting them
  • Crossword puzzles: verbal puzzles in which you move letters across the board in order to form names or words (in This Language only)

The sliding block puzzles available here are so-called "three-square cover-uncover sliding puzzles". In each initial arrangement a (near-)central square is completely covered by another square on a five-by-five or larger board. The covering square consists of blocks which have to be moved away from the (near-)central square until it is completely uncovered in the final arrangement. See Interactive Sliding Puzzles for a further description of these puzzles and for public access to a few of them.

The interactive crossword puzzles at TRINPsite do not belong to any new category. There are three of them, and all three are played on an eleven-by-eleven board. Below they are listed with the number of words or names, the first clue across and the first clue down:

  1. The Five TRINP Values (5 words)
    starting with the first TRINP value and the fourth TRINP value
  2. Words and Concepts of the Model (38 words)
    starting with not merely this but also and symbol of catenical neutralism
  3. Personal Given Names for Everybody (M/F) (23 names)
    starting with heavenly caress and born on Sunday

Similar sliding puzzles and crossword or 'cross-sentence' puzzles (in This Language, Deze Taal and Zhezhong Yuyan) can be found at http://mvvm.net/Game/Pzzl.htm.

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