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TRINPsite provides free public access to a collection of philosophical, literary and other text and sound files dealing with matters of lasting importance anywhere in the world. One such matter is the primacy of norms and values (over one or more gods and/or demons, if believed in at all).

What is imparted to you on your way to the inside of the six-level edifice erected here does not only consist of academic writings but also of short stories, poems, notes, puzzles, pictures and sounds. You will be faced with facts and reasons, while coming across a variety of symbols and forms of symbolism as well. All of these are intended to help you gain a better insight in and into your own life as a person among persons, if not a new, neutral-inclusive insight into life and nonlife in general and together.

Especially if up-to-date, the pages of this site have been designed in such a way that they provide, or can easily be adjusted to provide, the best displays for surfing, for quiet reading and for printing, on the screen or on paper. (You are therefore invited to print them out too).

While this main document is the principal part of the first or top level of the TRINPsite tree of files, the sections of the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity typically belong to the sixth and lowest level.


In one way or another, directly or indirectly, all these works serve or concern the following TRINP values:

( veridical )   T R u t h
as opposed to falsehood, lying, promise-breaking and (institutionalized) supernaturalism
R e l e v a n c e   and   I N c l u s i v e n e s s
as distinct from irrelevance, discrimination (on the basis of whatever factor) and exclusivism
( catenical )   N e u t r a l i t y
as distinct from extremism and as present in values such as equality, harmony and moderation
( the right to )   P e r s o n h o o d
as opposed to murder, torture, oppression, and religious or other forms of totalitarianism

[3-D TRINP Cube]

It is argued in the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity why truth, relevance (or inclusiveness), neutrality and personhood should not only be treated and respected as values but as fundamental values. To a greater or lesser degree each of the above writings is part of one project to broaden and deepen the neutral-inclusive denominational 'paradigm' that rests on these four pillars.


M. Vincent van Mechelen




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