TRINPsite,  53.17.3-79.05.6 


All public TRINPsite files are listed in this document with the exception of HTML text files, which may be listed on the main index page only. At the moment this site comprises 1091 internally linked files, of which about 838 different or 'unique' ones:

*.htm (not *Txt.htm) text (nodal)  165 126
*.html text (nodal) 13 5
*.HTM text (basic) 494 494
*Txt.htm text (plain) 2 1
*.txt text (plain) 8 0
*.css style sheet 7 7
*.js JavaScript 15 9
*.gif, *.jpg & *.png picture 315 134
*.ico ikon 11 4
*.wav & *.mp3 sound 61 58

  • The table above and the lists below do not include technical files which redirect folder grabblers, nor technical files at old, discontinued addresses which only refer to the new address of a page, nor any file in the directories Info/Repl/, Info/Temp/ or Sound/Temp/, nor specific files in JS/GP/, nor informal (incomplete) *.doc or *.pdf files only made accessible for background information
  • Files are not considered 'unique' when, for instance, they are parts or combinations of other files, when they are text files which are special versions of graphic files, when they are or contain mere screenshots of webpages or when they are picture files which are the same now, altho they may be different at a later date
  • The names of files (other than temporary ones) are never more than 8 characters long, the names of directories are usually no more than about 4 characters long

For new files added in the 68th to the 71st year after the Second World War see Additions and Revisions from 68 to 71 aSWW. In this document from the Additions and Revisions folder you should also find information about other changes made.


HTML text files

A large number of these files are only listed in the main index page under:

Gradually and eventually all URLs will be deleted from the main index page; the files of which these URLs have already been deleted are shown in the tables below with their URL (technical file name), name (document title), date and format

  • the date is the one on which the file was newly added; parentheses indicate that the text was available elsewhere on TRINPsite before
  • F stands for the text file format; the most recent format at present is F8; 'sp' is a 'special' format or no particular format; see Additions and revisions in 65 aSWW and [I]n 59 aSWW.
  • [UC] indicates that the text, style sheet or script file has been saved in Unicode, normally in UTF-8; the default encoding is ANSI
  • of technical files and the basic files of the multi-site Spelling and Stress Dictionary and Vocabulary of Alliteration only the URLs are given

     nodal *.htm files   without URL in index


AddNRev.htm Additions and Revisions 51.10.1J
DNIFound.htm Stichting DNI Foundation 52.34.5F8
FileList.htm Lists of Files (this file) 53.17.3sp
Form.htm Opinion about TRINPsite 51.47.6F5
Interactive puzzles (accessible via Game/Pzzl.htm):
  Game/Pzzl.htm Crosswords and ... 57.30.6F4
  Game/Pzzl/SlBl.htm Sliding block puzzles 66.11.5F7
ind52303.htm Change of Name 52.30.3sp
index.htm TRINPsite Main Index 50.20.4sp
index_proxy.htm proxy file of Main Index 68.25.2sp
Technical pages for right-frame viewing:
  indMult.htm   indMult/indBott.htm   indMult/indLeft.htm   indMult/indRight.htm
Multiple viewing technical pages (via indMult.htm or other):
  indMult/MultVert.htm (for any page in a top/bottom frame)
  indMult/MultVHor.htm (for any page in a left/right frame)
  indMult/MultView.htm (with multiple viewing information)
VariViewing text files (used by script in index.htm):
  indVVuCo.htm (for console in separate window)
  indVVuIn.htm (information and help page)
Info/Quest.htm TRINPsite Questions and Answers 59.43.7F8
Variable linking pages (not unique):
  all files in Info/VLP/ folder:
  BotL1.htm (to MNI/MainDoc.htm) (for nodal general files)
  BotL2.htm (to MNI/MainDoc.htm) (for nodal language files)
  BotL3.htm (to MNI/E.HTM) (for nodal MNI files)
  BotL6.htm (to MNI/MainDoc.htm) (for basic general files)
  BotL7.htm (to MNI/MainDoc.htm) (for basic language files)
  BotL8.htm (to MNI/E.HTM) (for basic MNI files)
  BotR1.htm (to Info/Ann53225.HTM) (nodal, general)
  BotR2.htm (to Info/Ann53225.HTM) (nodal, language)
  BotR3.htm (to Info/Ann53225.HTM) (nodal, MNI)
  BotR6.htm (to Ann53225.HTM) (basic, general)
  BotR7.htm (to Ann53225.HTM) (basic, language)
  BotR8.htm (to Info/Ann53225.HTM) (basic, MNI)
  TopC6.htm (to Time/StatWind.HTM)
  TopC1.htm (to Time/StatWind.HTM) (nodal, general)
  TopC2.htm (to Time/StatWind.HTM) (nodal, language)
  TopC3.htm (to Tong/ThL/Time/Date.HTM) (nodal, MNI)
  TopC6.htm (to Poet/NCGP/NAnn/WhlPoems.HTM) (basic, general)
  TopC7.htm (to Poet/NCGP/NAnn/WhlPoems.HTM) (basic, language)
  TopC8.htm (to Poet/NCGP/NAnn/WhlPoems.HTM) (basic, MNI)
MainDoc.htm TRINPsite Main Document, 'Top of Tree' 50.20.4sp
Note/DBRR.htm Discrimination between right and relevancy 59.51.4F6
Note/Name.htm Given Names for Persons 60.03.7F8
Poet.htm Poems/诗歌/Gedicht (50.30.1)F8
Poet/ComP.htm Computer Poetry 50.30.1F6
Poet/ComP/3/Au/ 51334Tr.htm (frameset) A Finger of Value 52.34.5sp
Poet/ComP/4/Au/ 51327Tr.htm (frameset) The Middle Finger 54.39.2sp
Poet/NCGP.htm Poems and Songs Not Generated by a Computer 50.30.3F3
Poet/NCGP/Ann.htm Poems with Analyses or Notes 50.30.2F5
Poet/NCGP/NAnn.htm Poems without Annotations 50.30.4F5
Poet/NCGP/MNIP.htm Selected Model Poems 50.30.4F6
Poet/VocAll.htm Vocabulary of Alliteration 50.30.1F8
ShSt.htm Play and Short Stories 50.30.6F5
ShSt/Evry.htm Everyone the New Elckerlyc 58.40.5F8
ShSt/ODay.htm The Other Day ... 60.01.7F6
ShSt/SWMA.htm Six Warlocks My Age 50.30.6F5
Sound.htm Sound Files 52.34.5F8
StateRel.htm State Religionism 51.35.4F8
Tong/ThL/Dict.htm Spelling and Stress Dictionary 62.28.6F8
Tong/ThL/Poem.htm Poems and Songs 70.34.1F8
Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/ HWMD.htm A Hand with Myriad Digits (52.34.5)F8
Tong/ThL/Note.htm Notes and Papers (50.30.4)F8
Tong/ThL/Note/MMo.htm Notes of the Metric Months (76.28.4)F8
Tong/ThL/Time.htm Chronology (57.12.4)F7
Tong/ThL/Time/Diary.htm A Metric diary for every year (57.49.7)F8
Translation guidelines (accessible via Tong/ThL/Translat.htm):
  Tong/ThL/Translat.htm [ANSI] Directions for translation 61.28.2F6
  Tong/ZzY/Fanyi.htm [UC] Guidelines for Zhezhong Yuyan (普通话) 61.28.2F8
Value documents (accessible via index.htm):
  Valu/Incl.htm Inclusiveness 50.49.1F8
  Valu/Neu.htm Neutrality 50.52.1F8
  Valu/Pers.htm Personhood 50.52.1F8
  Valu/Rel.htm Relevance 50.52.1F8
  Valu/Tru.htm Truth 50.47.3F8

     nodal *.html files


Additions and revisions until 54 aSWW [all ANSI] (accessible via AddNRev.htm):
  AddNRev/ 50ASWW.html   [I]n 50 aSWW   53.01.6  J
  AddNRev/ 51ASWW.html [I]n 51 aSWW 53.01.6J
  AddNRev/ 52ASWW.html [I]n 52 aSWW 53.01.6J
  AddNRev/ 53ASWW.html [I]n 53 aSWW 53.09.1J
  AddNRev/ 54ASWW.html [I]n 54 aSWW 54.09.1J
index.html (copy of index.htm) 50.20.4sp
Image-to-document linking pages for internal frames [all UC]:
  Info/IFrame/Link04A.html (image of a page in iframe #4) 74.40.1sp
  Info/IFrame/Link04B.html (image of a page in iframe #4) 74.40.1sp
  Info/IFrame/Link08.html (image of the page in iframe #8) 74.40.1sp
  Info/IFrame/Link12.html (image of the page in iframe #12) 74.40.1sp
  Info/IFrame/Link16.html (image of the page in iframe #16) 74.40.1sp

     basic text files (graphic *.HTM and nongr. *Txt.htm) without URL in index


Additions and revisions from 55 aSWW (accessible via AddNRev.htm):
  AddNRev/ 55ASWW.HTM [ANSI]   [I]n 55 aSWW   55.04.7  J
  AddNRev/ 56ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 56 aSWW 56.04.7J
  AddNRev/ 57ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 57 aSWW 57.08.7J
  AddNRev/ 58ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 58 aSWW 58.08.7F4
  AddNRev/ 59ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 59 aSWW 59.08.7F6
  AddNRev/ 60ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 60 aSWW 60.08.7F6
  AddNRev/ 61ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 61 aSWW 61.08.7F6
  AddNRev/ 62ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 62 aSWW 62.13.1F6
  AddNRev/ 63ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 63 aSWW 63.13.7F6
  AddNRev/ 64ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 64 aSWW 64.12.7F6
  AddNRev/ 65ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 65 aSWW 65.37.7F7
  AddNRev/ 66ASWW.HTM [ANSI] [I]n 66 aSWW 66.23.4F8
  AddNRev/ 67ASWW.HTM [UC] [I]n 67 aSWW 68.02.4F8
  AddNRev/ Y68-71.HTM [UC] [F]rom 68 to 71 aSWW 68.13.1F8
  Art/Foto/Album/ TRNPsite.HTM TRINPsite Album of Webpages 68.23.6F8
Chronology documents and cards (accessible via Tong/ThL/Time.htm):
  Diary file (opening in new window/tab from Tong/ThL/Time/Diary.htm):
    Tong/ThL/Time/Diary/ WeekPage.HTM Metric diary display (57.49.7)J
  Time/NewNianC.HTM  Perpetual New Year card in This Language and Zhezhong Yuyan 56.01.2F6
  Time/StatWind.HTM Metric date in status window 56.01.1J
  Tong/DzT/Tijd/ Nieuwjrk.HTM  Metrische Nieuwjaarskaart 64.01.1F6
  Tong/ThL/Time/Date.HTM Go global, go metric! 53.49.1F7
  Tong/ThL/Time/ NewYearC.HTM  Metric New Year card 64.01.1F6
  Tong/Thl/Time/YWD.HTM The Year-Week-Day system (51.30.1)F8
  Tong/ZzY/Shijian/ Henianp.HTM  公制世界日历贺年片 64.01.1F8
DNI Foundation documents (accessible via DNIFound.htm):
  Tong/ThL/DNIF/ CandMoB.HTM Candidates for board membership 62.20.7F6
  Tong/ThL/DNIF/ Charter.HTM The Stichting's charter 62.20.6F6
Games 'n' graphics:
  Crosswords and sliding puzzles (accessible via Game/Pzzl.htm):
    Game/Pzzl/ CrssW001.HTM The five TRINP values 56.48.5F6
    Game/Pzzl/ CrssW002.HTM Words and concepts of the Model 57.30.6F6
    Game/Pzzl/ CrssW003.HTM Personal given names 60.14.6F6
    Game/Pzzl/SlBl/ Sq05N001.HTM Uncover the Three by Three #1 66.11.5F7
    Game/Pzzl/SlBl/ Sq05N002.HTM Uncover the Three by Three #2 66.11.5F7
    Game/Pzzl/SlBl/ Sq05N003.HTM Uncover the Three by Three #3 66.11.5F7
    Game/Pzzl/SlBl/ Sq10N001.HTM Uncover the Six by Six #1 66.11.5F7
    Game/Pzzl/SlBl/ Sq10N002.HTM Uncover the Six by Six #2 66.11.5F7
    Game/Pzzl/SlBl/ Sq13N001.HTM Uncover the Five by Five 66.14.5F7
  Game/Cube/ TRNPCVar.HTM 3D TRINP cube (variable size) 53.37.4sp
General site information:
  4GuestBk.HTM [UC] Visitor's voices / 访客的声音 / Stemmen van bezoekers 64.01.7J
  Info/Ann53225.HTM "About time" 53.22.5J
  Info/ActCont.HTM Active content in text files 59.48.2F6
  Info/Corresp.HTM Open letter about correspondence 58.42.5F8
  Info/Form/NextPage.HTM (specifically for form users) 64.46.3F6
  Info/Quest/Y56-59.HTM Questions and answers from 56 to 59 aSWW 63.36.4F6
  Info/Repl/*.HTM (source-specific announcements)   
  Info/Search/ 59ASWW.HTM Search engine prominence in 59-60 aSWW 59.15.7F6
  Info/Search/ 61ASWW.HTM Search engine prominence in 61 aSWW 61.34.3F6
  Info/Search/Google/ Images/N380.HTM Why can't Google cope with Neutrality? 63.32.6F6
  Info/Search/Google/ Images/T380.HTM Why can't Google cope with Truth? 63.09.1F6
  Info/Search/ TRINProm.HTM [UC] A 'common good ad' / 公益广告 / Ideële reklame 63.41.7F6
  Info/Temp/*.HTM (temporary announcements)   
Guidelines for Deze Taal (Nederlands):
  Tong/DzT/Spelling.HTM Verantwoording van de spelling 63.46.2F8
  Tong/DzT/Vertaal.HTM Vertaalaanwijzingen / Directions for translation 61.28.2F6
International dossier:
StateRel/IDSRTxt.htm International dossier on state religionism 50.34.6Tx
Notes and papers (accessible via Tong/ThL/Note.htm):
  MNI/Focus/AuthMod.HTM The author of the Model (70.04.5)F8
  MNI/Focus/Wheel.HTM The Wheel of the Norm 78.52.3F8
  Note/DBRR/1.HTM Introduction [to Discrimination between Right and Relevancy] 58.07.5F6
  Note/DBBR/5.HTM The moral and immoral appeal to rights in issues of discrimination 58.07.4F8
  Note/Long.HTM Longer notes 51.16.2F4
  Note/NeuPersp.HTM Entropy [...] in a neutral perspective 60.01.2F8
  Note/Retorts.HTM Four retorts to irreligion 63.31.2F6
  Note/Short.HTM Short notes 51.16.2F8
  Note/Sparrow.HTM The sparrow in the banqueting hall 53.35.7F8
  Note/SymMusic.HTM Symmetrical music 59.10.6F8
  Note/TurnBott.HTM Turn-bottoms 58.20.5F5
  StateRel/FoTR70.HTM Freedom of thought 70 aSWW 71.25.7F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/ Constit.HTM The self-evident is not in the constitution 75.49.1F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y52-55.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 52 to 55 aSWW (52.37.1)F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y56-59.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 56 to 59 aSWW (56.01.1)F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y60-63.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 60 to 63 aSWW (60.07.7)F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y64-67.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 64 to 67 aSWW (64.01.1)F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y68-71.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 68 to 71 aSWW 68.01.1F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y72-75.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 72 to 75 aSWW 72.17.1F8
  Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/ Y76-79.HTM Notes of the Metric months from 76 aSWW 76.01.3F8
Poetry documents (accessible via Poet.htm):
in Deze Taal:
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/ DezeTaal.HTM Door Deze Taal verbonden 63.02.4F8
  Tong/DzT/Poezie/ Eendelig.HTM De wereld, een en eendelig 70.49.5F8
in This Language:
  Poet/ComP/1/Au/ 51334.HTM Digits Dull, My Foot! (copied text) 51.33.6F8
  Poet/ComP/2/Au/ 51325.HTM Five Fingers Grasping the Earth (copied text) 51.33.3F5
  Poet/ComP/3/Au/ 51334.HTM A Finger of Value (copied text) 51.33.6F5
  Poet/ComP/4/Au/ 51327.HTM The Middle Finger (copied text) 51.33.5F5
  Poet/ComP/5/Au/ 51334.HTM A Finger of Flesh and Blood (copied text) 51.33.6F5
  Poet/ComP/ ComPoe.HTM Computer poetry 51.33.2F8
  Poet/NCGP/Ann/ Ananda.HTM Aural analysis of the song Ananda 54.02.1F5
  Poet/NCGP/Ann/ CritHate.HTM Hail, critters of hate 56.20.3F6
  Poet/NCGP/Ann/ Saxifrax.HTM Saxifrax (with annotations) 50.30.2F6
  Poet/NCGP/Ann/ Whereas.HTM Whereas creatures ... 50.30.2F5
  Poet/NCGP/Ann/ WhlPoems.HTM The four Wheel Poems (with annotations) 50.30.2F8
  Poet/NCGP/MNIP/ NarrowIs.HTM Narrow is the neutral Middle Path 50.30.4F8
  Poet/NCGP/MNIP/ NuName.HTM Include the neutral name 51.33.1F8
  Poet/NCGP/MNIP/ ToAnanda.HTM To Ananda 50.32.1J
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ EyeRhyme.HTM 'Eye rhyme' 50.30.2F8
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ Figment.HTM The figment tree 61.09.6F6
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ IntIncl.HTM Intimations of inclusiveness 50.30.4F8
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ Lasting.HTM In the lasting 61.08.2F6
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ Psalm.HTM A psalm sung to no harp 61.08.4F6
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ Saxifrax.HTM Saxifrax (without annotations) 51.47.6F6
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ Tears.HTM Tainted tears 52.20.6F6
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ Traditn.HTM Tradition 58.36.5F8
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ XmasCard.HTM The Yule of the turkeys 50.30.3F4
  Poet/NCGP/NAnn/ WhlPoems.HTM The four Wheel Poems (without annotations) 51.52.1F6
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/ HWMD/Scrnsh1.HTM Digits Dull, My Foot! (screenshots) 70.26.4F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/ HWMD/Scrnsh2.HTM Five Fingers Grasping the Earth (screenshots) 70.26.7F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/ HWMD/Scrnsh3.HTM A Finger of Value (screenshots) 70.26.8F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/ HWMD/Scrnsh4.HTM The Middle Finger (screenshots) 70.27.2F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/ HWMD/Scrnsh5.HTM A Finger of Flesh and Blood (screenshots) 70.27.2F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ InexhDao.HTM The inexhaustible Dao 78.25.1F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ LivingOn.HTM Living on in deeds, genes or ideas 70.52.2F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ Quiver.HTM A quiver full of fodder (68.40.7)F8
  Tong/ThL/Poem/ Realize.HTM Read and realize 76.17.2F8
  Tong/ThL/Poems/ Catenal.HTM In the beginning there will be the end 67.33.1F8
  Tong/ThL/Poems/ Division.HTM Divine division 61.42.2F8
  Tong/ThL/Poems/ OneDay.HTM One day, that day 67.50.4F8
  Tong/ThL/Poems/ Request.HTM Request 62.12.2F6
  Tong/ThL/Poems/ ThisLang.HTM The lay of this our language 63.02.4F8
in Zhezhong Yuyan:
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ Ananda.HTM [UC] 阿戁达 63.37.2F6
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ LiuCheng.HTM [UC] 六乘六 62.26.7F7
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ Huafen.HTM [UC] 神的划分 61.42.2F8
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ Shijian.HTM [UC] 事件书 66.19.7F8
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ ShijianF.HTM [UC] 事件書 (全页、繁体) 66.20.3F8
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ Qingqiu.HTM [ANSI] 请求 62.12.2F6
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ YiTian.HTM [UC] 某一天,可那天 67.52.1F8
  Tong/ZzY/Shige/ ZzYuyan.HTM [UC] 我们这种语言 63.02.4F8
Short stories (accessible via ShSt.htm):
  ShSt/Crusoe.HTM Crusoe's conversion 50.30.5F8
  ShSt/ODay/ Barking.HTM Barking up the wrong cosmic tree (beginning) (60.01.7)F6
  ShSt/ODay/ Catena.HTM Hoisting the holy Catena (beginning) 64.12.2F6
  ShSt/ODay/ Convert.HTM Forcibly converted [no access] (60.01.6)F6
  ShSt/ODay/ Dikes.HTM About dikes and damns (60.01.7)F7
  ShSt/ODay/ Light.HTM The light to personhood (beginning) 60.01.5F7
  ShSt/ODay/ NotOne.HTM Not one [no access] 64.15.6F6
  ShSt/ODay/ Organism.HTM An organism with lungs? [no access] 64.14.6F6
  ShSt/ODay/ SafeSide.HTM Believing on the safe side [no access] 62.43.3F6
  ShSt/ODay/ SupnCoin.HTM The supernatural coin (beginning) (60.01.6)F6
  ShSt/Sumati1.HTM Sumati can wait (beginning) 60.28.1F8
  ShSt/SWMA/1.HTM Warlocks at the door 51.16.1F8
  ShSt/SWMA/3.HTM Notching the boat 63.17.7F8
  ShSt/SWMA/4.HTM Merry Mythmas (beginning) 51.01.3F6
  ShSt/SWMA/6.HTM Numerically superior 50.30.6F8
  ShSt/SWMA/E.HTM Epilogue (of 6 Warl. My Age) 50.30.6F8
  ShSt/SWMA/P.HTM Preface (to 6 Warl. My Age) 50.30.6F8
  ShSt/SWMA/Wireless.HTM Warlocks on the wireless 63.18.1F6
Spelling and Stress Dictionary with Vocabulary of Alliteration (accessible via Tong/ThL/Dict.htm and Poet/VocAll.htm):
  Dictionary letters in Tong/ThL/Dict/ folder:   A.HTM   B.HTM   C.HTM   D.HTM   E.HTM   F.HTM   G.HTM   H.HTM   I.HTM   L.HTM   N.HTM   O.HTM   P.HTM   R.HTM   T.HTM   W.HTM
  Vocabulary staves in Poet/VocAll/ folder:   A-AW.HTM   B.HTM   D.HTM   DH.HTM   E-EI.HTM   F.HTM   G.HTM   H.HTM   I.HTM   J.HTM   K.HTM   L.HTM   M.HTM   N.HTM   O-OO.HTM   P.HTM   R.HTM   S.HTM   SH.HTM   T.HTM   TH.HTM   U.HTM   V.HTM   W.HTM   Z.HTM (all of them F8)

plain text files   (nongraphic *.txt and 'historical' *.htm(l))

  • the date is the one on which the file was newly added
  • none of the files in this list is unique
  • the seven files BoF1-3.txt to BoI7-9.txt, BoS1-6.txt and Model.txt are located at
URL DATE NAME (or description)

MNI/BoF1-3.txt (522 kB) 58.48.1 Book of Fundamentals, Part I
MNI/BoF4-6.txt (361 kB) 59.02.6 Book of Fundamentals, Part II
MNI/BoI1-3.txt (396 kB) 59.04.7 Book of Instruments, Part I
MNI/BoI4-6.txt (264 kB) 59.05.2 Book of Instruments, Part II
MNI/BoI7-9.txt (376 kB) 59.05.3 Book of Instruments, Part III
MNI/BoI/4/2.html 50.28.2 (oldest version of /2.htm)
MNI/BoI/4/2/1.txt 50.28.2 (oldest version of /1.HTM)
MNI/BoI/5/4/ 2Txt.htm 51.13.1 (oldest version of /2.HTM)
MNI/LoF(Txt).html 50.30.3 List of Figures (old LoF.htm)
MNI/BoS1-6.txt (257 kB) 58.40.7 Book of Symbols
MNI/Model.txt (29 kB) 59.05.4 Contents, Preface and Epilogue


*.css files   (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS/AllPages.css [ANSI&UC] (for all text files, both nodal and basic)
CSS/Dict.css [ANSI] (for Dictionary letter and Vocabulary stave files)
CSS/GenBasic.css [ANSI&UC] (for basic text files without special style sheet)
CSS/GenNodal.css [ANSI&UC] (for nodal text files other than MNI files)
CSS/GP_SB.css [ANSI] (for sliding block puzzles)
CSS/MNIBasic.css [ANSI] (for basic MNI files)
CSS/MNINodal.css [ANSI] (for nodal MNI files)

*.js files   (JavaScript)

JS/Advice.js [ANSI] (for writeAdviceO(N) in main index)
JS/BodyFnct.js [ANSI] ([later replaced with HeadObjs.js and BodyObjs.js]
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*.gif, *.jpg and *.png files

Art/Foto/Album/Pics/Tr1_13.jpg (154 kB)  .../Tr1_14.jpg (100 kB)  .../Tr1_15.jpg (85 kB)  .../Tr1_16.jpg (85 kB)  .../Tr1_17.jpg (105 kB)  .../Tr1_18.jpg (88 kB)  .../Tr1_19.jpg (100 kB)  .../Tr1_20.jpg (80 kB)  .../Tr1_21.jpg (87 kB)  .../Tr1_22.jpg (125 kB)  .../Tr1_23.jpg (109 kB)  .../Tr1_24.jpg (123 kB)  .../Tr2_13.jpg (63 kB)  .../Tr2_14.jpg (81 kB)  .../Tr2_15.jpg (108 kB)  .../Tr2_16.jpg (109 kB)  .../Tr2_17.jpg (56 kB)  .../Tr2_18.jpg (94 kB)  .../Tr2_19.jpg (91 kB)  .../Tr2_20.jpg (84 kB)  .../Tr2_21.jpg (89 kB)  .../Tr2_22.jpg (66 kB)  .../Tr2_23.jpg (94 kB)  .../Tr2_24.jpg (99 kB) (the first half of these TRINPsite Album pictures 482x636, the second half 482x408) (not really 'unique' because mainly pictures of webpages)

Game/Cube/Chr_In80.gif (1 kB; 80x80) (copy) & .../Chr_Incl.gif (2 kB; 160x160) & .../Cube/Chr_Ne80.gif (copy) & .../Chr_Neu.gif & .../Chr_Pe80.gif (copy) & .../Chr_Pers.gif & .../Chr_Re80.gif (copy) & .../Chr_Rel.gif & .../Chr_Tr80.gif (copy) & .../Chr_Tru.gif (& .../image3dcube.class)
Game/Cube/Stil/I380.gif (23 kB; 380x380) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/Stil/IN150.gif (5 kB; 150x150) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/Stil/N380.gif (22 kB; 380x380) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/Stil/P380.gif (19 kB; 380x380) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/Stil/R380.gif (21 kB; 380x380) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/Stil/T380.gif (25 kB; 380x380) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/Stil/TopC_TRP.gif (2 kB; 78x156) (copy)
Game/Cube/Stil/TRP380.gif (17 kB; 380x380) (TRINP cube still)
Game/Cube/TRINPC80.gif (2 kB; 80x80) (copy) & .../TRINPCub.gif (4 kB; 160x160)
Game/Pzzl/SlBl/Pics/SpeakGr.gif (1kB; 31x31) (grey var) & .../Whl200Gr.gif (34 kB; 200x200) (grey var)

Graf/Bkgr/1.gif (outside background, nodal) (4 kB; 156x156)
Graf/Bkgr/2.gif (inside=table background, nodal, general) (7 kB; 600x300) (3 sassafras leaves)
Graf/Bkgr/3.gif (inside background, nodal, MNI) (1 kB; 2x2) (copy of Empty2x2.gif)
Graf/Bkgr/6.gif (outside background, basic) (4 kB; 156x156) (copy)
Graf/Bkgr/7.gif (inside=table background, basic, general) (1 kB; 2x2)
Graf/Bkgr/8.gif (inside background, basic, MNI) (1 kB; 2x2) (copy)
Graf/Bkgr/Body1.gif & .../Body2.gif & .../Body3.gif & .../Body6.gif & .../Body7.gif & .../Body8.gif (1 kB; 64x30) (copies, in use from F8)
Graf/Bkgr/CatArrDU.gif (1 kB; 31x42) ('Catena Arrows Down-Up' panel background)
Graf/Bkgr/Empty2x2.gif (1 kB; 2x2) (fake 'picture' used for technical purposes)
Graf/Bkgr/FilmL.gif (1 kB; 16x30) (left edge of film with iframes)
Graf/Bkgr/FilmM.gif (2 kB; 1000x30) (middle part of film with iframes)
Graf/Bkgr/FilmR.gif (1 kB; 16x30) (right edge of film with iframes)
Graf/Bkgr/GradBlGr.gif (8 kB; 1024x16) & .../GradBlWh.gif (same) (backgrounds for inline frames of nodal/basic main page)
Graf/Bkgr/HalfTrsp.gif (1 kB; 60x60) (half transparent for special effects)
Graf/Bkgr/LinenBrd.gif (8 kB; 200x200) (background sliding puzzles)
Graf/Bkgr/LRRd.gif (2 kB; 600x31) (special notice inside background)
Graf/Bkgr/MidP1.gif & .../MidP2.gif & .../MidP3.gif & .../MidP6.gif & .../MidP7.gif & .../MidP8.gif (1 kB; 2x20) (transpar., in use from F8)
Graf/Bkgr/ModCoBot3.gif & .../ModCoBot8.gif (4 kB; 600x200) (copy: bottom part of Model cover)
Graf/Bkgr/ModCoDrk.gif (8 kB; 600x350) (complete Model cover; dark)
Graf/Bkgr/ModCoLit.gif (8 kB; 600x400) (copy: light)
Graf/Bkgr/ModCoTop3.gif & .../ModCoTop8.gif (4 kB; 600x150) (copy: top part of Model cover)
Graf/Bkgr/Nanapol.gif (2 kB; 600x32) (dark purple)
Graf/Bkgr/Nanapol/NC00ffff.gif (2 kB; 600x32) (copy: light turquoise)
Graf/Bkgr/QingQiu.gif (3 kB; 600x320) (used in Tong/ZzY/Shige/Qingqiu.HTM)
Graf/Bkgr/StarSky.gif (29 kB; 200x140) (used in Tong/ThL/Time/NewYearC.HTM) & .../StarSky.jpg (41 kB; 600x200) (used in Tong/ThL/Note/MMo/Y76-79.HTM)
Graf/Bkgr/Tranen.gif (2 kB; 100x150x256)
Graf/Bkgr/TRNP1024.gif (5 kB; 1024x32) (general background for 1024x768 mode)
Graf/Bkgr/TRNPAddr.gif (3 kB; 200x497) (name TRINPsite with WWW address)
Graf/Bkgr/Whl151Gr.gif (3 kB; 151x151) (Wheel, 151 pixels, in BW and gray)
Graf/Bkgr/Whl151Tr.gif (3 kB; 151x151) (copy: transparent)

Graf/Fram/Bot1.gif (nodal, general) & .../Bot2.gif (nodal, Tong dir) & .../Bot3.gif (nodal, MNI) & .../Bot6.gif (basic, general) & .../Bot7.gif (basic, Tong dir) & .../Bot8.gif (basic, MNI) (4 kB; 600x31)
Graf/Fram/Top1.gif (nodal, general) & .../Top2.gif (nodal, Tong dir) & .../Top3.gif (nodal, MNI) & .../Top6.gif (basic, general) & .../Top7.gif (basic, Tong dir) & .../Top8.gif (basic, MNI) (4 kB; 600x31)

Graf/Icon/ButtnBl.gif (3 kB; 32x32) (for Vocabulary)
Graf/Icon/CatButtn.gif (2 kB; 31x31) ('catena button')
Graf/Icon/HeartBL.gif & .../HeartBR.gif & .../HeartTL.gif & .../HeartTR.gif (1 kB; 16x16) (arrow for heart/whole body)
Graf/Icon/ISpeakrD.png & .../ISpeakrU.png (1 kB; 31x31) (player)
Graf/Icon/NavDown.png & .../NavUp.png (2 kB; 23x19) (navigation)
Graf/Icon/ResizeL.gif & .../ResizeR.gif (1 kB; 27x30) (for smaller/larger font)
Graf/Icon/Speaker.gif (2 kB; 31x31) (loudspeaker)
Graf/Icon/VoAT1.gif & .../VoAT3.gif & .../WhlT1.gif & .../WhlT3.gif & .../WhlBLT1.gif & .../WhlBRT1.gif & .../WhlTLT1.gif & .../WhlTRT1.gif (1 kB; 16x16) (*.gif pictures of *.ico ikons shown below)

Graf/MNI/F2131LR.gif (61 kB; 600x1200) (shown in MNI/BoF/2/F2131.HTM)
Graf/MNI/F2141.gif (25 kB; 872x599) (shown in MNI/BoF/2/F2141.HTM)
Graf/MNI/F2151.gif (25 kB; 872x599) (shown in MNI/BoF/2/F2151.HTM)
Graf/MNI/F4411.gif (50 kB; 600x900) (shown in MNI/BoF/4/F4411.HTM)
Graf/MNI/F6111.gif (39 kB; 872x599) (shown in MNI/BoF/6/F6111.HTM)
Graf/MNI/F6112.gif (101 kB; 900x1140) (shown in MNI/BoF/6/F6112.HTM)
Graf/MNI/F6113.gif (98 kB; 600x1400) (shown in MNI/BoF/6/F6113.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I1631.gif (91 kB; 600x872) (shown in MNI/BoI/1/I1631.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I2231.gif (74 kB; 600x872) (shown in MNI/BoI/2/I2231.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I3211.gif (91 kB; 600x872) (shown in MNI/BoI/3/I3211.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I5111.jpg (212 kB; 1200x800) (shown in MNI/BoI/5/I5111.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I6131.gif (71 kB; 600x872) (shown in MNI/BoI/6/I6131.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I7221.gif (104 kB; 600x1200) (shown in MNI/BoI/7/I7221.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I7222.gif (32 kB; 600x360) (shown in MNI/BoI/7/I7222.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I8221.jpg (448 kB; 1200x1480) (shown in MNI/BoI/8/I8221.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I8231.jpg (897 kB; 1200x1800) (shown in MNI/BoI/8/I8231.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I8241.jpg (520 kB; 1200x1480) (shown in MNI/BoI/8/I8241.HTM)
Graf/MNI/I8421.jpg (834 kB; 1200x1800) (shown in MNI/BoI/8/I8421.HTM)
Graf/MNI/Mod535.gif (66 kB; 535x415) (photograph of the printed Model)
Graf/MNI/S2331.gif (27 kB; 872x600) (shown in MNI/BoS/2/S2331.HTM)
Graf/MNI/S4111.gif (55 kB; 600x868) (shown in MNI/BoS/4/S4111.HTM)
Graf/MNI/S4121.gif (74 kB; 600x868) (shown in MNI/BoS/4/S4121.HTM)
Graf/MNI/S4221.gif (105 kB; 600x868) (shown in MNI/BoS/4/S4221.HTM)
Graf/MNI/S4231a.gif (38 kB; 600x434) (shown in MNI/BoS/4/S4231.HTM)
Graf/MNI/S4231b.gif (20 kB; 600x434) (shown in MNI/BoS/4/S4231.HTM)

Graf/VLP/ArrBotL1.gif (nodal, general) (4 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL2.gif (nodal, language) (4 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL3.gif (nodal, MNI) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL6.gif (basic, general) (4 kB) (copy of ArrBotL1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL7.gif (basic, language) (4 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotL8.gif (basic, MNI) (2 kB) (copy of ArrBotL3.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR1.gif (nodal, general) (3 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR2.gif (nodal, language) (3 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR3.gif (nodal, MNI) (3 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR6.gif (basic, general) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR1.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR7.gif (basic, language) (3 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotR8.gif (basic, MNI) (3 kB) (copy of ArrBotR3.gif)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC1.gif (nodal, general) (2 kB; 156x78)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC2.gif (nodal, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC3.gif (nodal, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC6.gif (basic, general) (2 kB; 156x78)
Graf/VLP/ArrBotC7.gif (nodal, language) (4 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/ArrTopC8.gif (basic, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)

Graf/VLP/IniBotL1.gif (nodal, general) (4 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL2.gif (nodal, language) (4 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL3.gif (nodal, MNI) (1 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL6.gif (basic, general) (4 kB) (copy of IniBotL1.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL7.gif (basic, language) (4 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniBotL8.gif (basic, MNI) (1 kB) (copy of IniBotL3.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR1.gif (nodal, general) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR2.gif (nodal, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR3.gif (nodal, MNI) (1 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR6.gif (basic, general) (2 kB) (copy of IniBotR1.gif)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR7.gif (basic, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniBotR8.gif (basic, MNI) (1 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC1.gif (nodal, general) (1 kB; 156x78)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC2.gif (nodal, language) (1 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC3.gif (nodal, MNI) (1 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC6.gif (basic, general) (1 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC7.gif (basic, language) (1 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/IniTopC8.gif (basic, MNI) (1 kB) (copy)

Graf/VLP/NewBotL1.gif (nodal, general) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL2.gif (nodal, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL3.gif (nodal, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL6.gif (basic, general) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL7.gif (nodal, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotL8.gif (basic, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR1.gif (nodal, general) (2 kB; 200x100)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR2.gif (nodal, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR3.gif (nodal, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR6.gif (basic, general) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR7.gif (basic, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewBotR8.gif (basic, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC1.gif (nodal, general) (2 kB; 156x78)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC2.gif (nodal, language) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC3.gif (nodal, MNI) (2 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC6.gif (basic, general) (1 kB) (empty)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC7.gif (basic, language) (1 kB) (copy)
Graf/VLP/NewTopC8.gif (basic, MNI) (1 kB) (empty)

Graf/VLP/Time/ArrTopC6.gif (specific) (2 kB) (copy of Graf/VLP/ArrTopC1.gif)
Graf/VLP/Time/IniTopC6.gif (specific) (2 kB) (copy of Graf/VLP/IniTopC1.gif)
Graf/VLP/Time/NewTopC6.gif (specific) (2 kB) (copy of Graf/VLP/NewTopC1.gif)

Info/IFrame/Pics/Ann53225.png (37 kB; 200x200) (for iframe 16)
Info/IFrame/Pics/CrssW003.png (25 kB; 200x200) (for iframe 12)
Info/IFrame/Pics/MainDoc.png (58 kB; 200x200) (for iframe 4)
Info/IFrame/Pics/MNIMainD.png (44 kB; 200x200) (for iframe 4)
Info/IFrame/Pics/TRNPCVar.png (37 kB; 200x200) (for iframe 8)

Info/Search/Google/Images/TrthTrnp.jpg (44 kB; 445x460) (used in */T380.HTM)

MNI/Note/Pics/CatenaW261.jpg (5 kB; 261x31) (copy of Graf/Fram/Bot8.gif) .../WhlSq514GreyTr.png (10 kB; 514x514) .../Y52-5N15.png (22 kB; 300x300) (all three used in MNI/Note/Wheel.HTM)

Pics/ASWW50.gif (2 kB; 64x64)
Pics/ButtCls.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for closing)
Pics/ButtMax.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for maximization/full screen)
Pics/ButtMed.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for medium size screen)
Pics/ButtMin.gif (1 kB; 14x16) (window button for minimization/blurring)
Pics/Cat195.gif (3 kB; 195x63)
Pics/GlobASWW.png (21 kB; 440x220)
Pics/GlobeCal.gif (31 kB; 440x220)
Pics/IndPastC.png (2 kB; 160x80)
Pics/MetCalMv.gif (23 kB; 64x64)
Pics/MetCalMv/MetC_01.gif to .../MetC_30.gif (1 kB; 64x50) (part of MetCalMv.gif)
Pics/MetCalMv/MetC_Bk.gif .../MetC_Fr.gif (3 kB; 128x128) (part of MetCalMv.gif)
Pics/MetCalSt.gif (2 kB; 64x64) (part of MetCalMv.gif)
Pics/MP3_S180.jpg (38 kB; 180x180) (270x270 original artwork for MP3 files)
Pics/SassLeav.gif (6 kB; 195x63)
Pics/Spar/Sparr235.gif (15 kB; 235x150) .../SparrL00.jpg (2 kB; 80x50) (not unique) .../SparrL80.jpg (6 kB; 80x50) (copy) .../SparrR00.jpg (2 kB; 80x50) (copy) .../SparrR80.jpg (6 kB; 80x50) (copy)
Pics/TRINPsTr.png (7 kB; 600x200) .../TRNPindx.jpg (99 kB; 330x498) (image of index.htm)
Pics/VincBase.gif (1 kB; 180x100) (not unique)(used in Info/Corresp.HTM)
.../Vincent.gif (1 kB; 180x100)
Pics/WheelMov.gif (6 kB; 79x79) .../Whl77x78.gif (1 kB; 77x78) (not unique)
Pics/ZzYuyan.gif (1 kB; 75x15)

Poet/ComP/HandBl.gif (22 kB; 600x630) (part of HandMove.gif)  .../HandMove.gif (96 kB; 600x660)  .../L10-148.png (28 kB; 660x340)
Poet/NCGP/Ann/Pics/ToA1SML.gif (8 kB; 600x230) (used in */Ananda.HTM)
Poet/NCGP/Ann/Pics/ToA1SMR.gif (8 kB; 600x230) (ToA1SML.gif mirrored)
Poet/NCGP/NAnn/BkgrSaxi.jpg (56 kB; 602x600) (used in */Saxifrax.HTM)
Poet/NCGP/NAnn/BkgrXmas.gif (4 kB)
Poet/NCGP/NAnn/SaxiLeav.gif (19 kB; 240x160) (used in */Saxifrax.HTM)
Poet/NCGP/NAnn/XmasTrn.gif (10 kB)
Poet/Pics/FifteenA.png (15 kB; 592x478) (used in Poet/VocAll.htm)
Poet/Pics/NewTab.png (1 kB; 32x32) (target switching symbol)
Poet/Pics/P_P3.png (27 kB; 312x320) (not unique: screenshot) Poet/Pics/SameTab.png (1 kB; 32x32) (target switching symbol)

Time/Diary.gif (14 kB; 620x620) (copy of /Diary.htm)

Tong/ThL/Poem/ComP/HWMD/Pics/1GW7023A.png (16 kB)  .../1GW7023B.png (17 kB)  .../1QB7024A.png (19 kB)  .../1QB7024B.png (20 kB)  .../1QB7024C.png (17 kB)  .../1QB7024D.png (16 kB) (screenshots of 1st motion poem)  .../2GW7023A.png (17 kB)  .../2GW7023B.png (16 kB)  .../2QB7024A.png (18 kB)  .../2QB7024B.png (18 kB) (2nd motion poem)  .../3GW7023A.png (17 kB)  .../3GW7023B.png (17 kB)  .../3QB7024A.png (18 kB)  .../3QB7024B.png (16 kB) (3rd motion poem)  .../4GW7023A.png (15 kB)  .../4GW7023B.png (15 kB)  .../4QB7024A.png (15 kB)  .../4QB7024B.png (14 kB)  .../4QB7024C.png (18 kB) (4th motion poem)  .../5GW7023A.png (17 kB)  .../5GW7023B.png (15 kB)  .../5QB7024A.png (15 kB)  .../5QB7024B.png (17 kB)  .../5QB7024C.png (17 kB)  .../5QB7024D.png (18 kB) (5th motion poem) (all 25 screenshots 340x342)

TRNP224B.gif (3 kB; 224x24) (not unique)
TRNP540B.gif (9 kB; 540x60) (not unique)
TRNP540D.gif (8 kB; 540x60)


The first two ikons below are desktop ikons of 32x32 pixels and 16 colors. They are not part of TRINPsite on-line. The other ikons are ikons of 16x16 pixels and 16 colors. Dependent on the browser used, they appear on-line before the address of the page or when it is added to the Favorites, provided that there is a shortcut link in the source code or a favicon.ico copy in the directory concerned. What you see here are not the ikons themselves but the corresponding *.gif pictures.

*.ico files

Note: the last character in the name of the ikon is a figure which stands for its size (1 for 16, 2 for double 16, 3 for 32, 4 for 48 by 48 pixels), the second-last character a letter which stands for its transparency (O for opaque and T for transparent).
Poet/VocAll/VoAT3.ico, for the multi-site Vocabulary of Alliteration
WhlT3.ico, the Wheel for TRINPsite as a whole

MNI/WhlBLT1.ico, for basic MNI files, such as MNI/BoF/4/1/1.HTM
MNI/WhlTLT1.ico and MNI/favicon.ico (copy), for nodal MNI files, such as MNI/MainDoc.htm
Poet/VocAll/VoAT1.ico and Poet/VocAll/favicon.ico (copy), for (nodal and basic) files of the Vocabulary of Alliteration
WhlBRT1.ico, for other basic files, such as Poet/NCGP/Ann/WhlPoems.HTM
WhlT1.ico and favicon.ico (copy), for general root directory files and files without a special ikon
WhlTRT1.ico, for other nodal files, such as Tong/ThL/Note.htm


Below you will find the plain list of TRINPsite sound files, that is, files with texts and poems read aloud and with songs. For the reader and listener, however, there is a special text document called "Sound Files", from which these files (with the exception of the last four listed here) can be accessed in a more pleasant way.

*.wav and *.mp3 files

Note: the name of the sound file starts with the shortened name or code of the text file; R=read and S=sung; a number indicates the part of the text or, if 0, the whole text; M=recorded with an MP3-player; CD=CD-quality, Ra=original radio-quality, W(i)(reless)=radio-quality, not recorded as such, Te=telephone-quality, not recorded as such; all without echo; CO, RO, WO and TO are the same qualities with echO

Sound/DaoNanh/DaoNhCD.mp3 (1284 kB, 1:18, 58.41.3)
Sound/DaoNanh/PrDaoCD.mp3 (1686 kB, 1:44, 58.40.2)
Sound/DzT/Poezie/DezeTaal.mp3 (3308 kB, 1:23, 68.22.1)
Sound/FinAnagn/FinAnM.mp3 (874 kB, 0:53, 61.11.3)
Sound/InclNuNm/NuNm02CO.mp3 (1310 kB, 1:20, 58.11.5-59.43.2) (solo)
Sound/InclNuNm/NuNm3xCO.mp3 (1376 kB, 1:23, 58.12.6) (solo in threefold)
Sound/MainDoc/TRNP01Ra.wav (287 kB)
Sound/MNI/Epilog.mp3 (1973 kB, 2:04, 56.44.2)
Sound/MNI/F111.mp3 (647 kB, 0:41, 56.40.3)
Sound/MNI/F311.mp3 (556 kB, 0:36, 56.40.3)
Sound/MNI/F5421-3.mp3 (4613 kB, 4:52, 61.08.3)
Sound/MNI/F6111.mp3 (2124 kB, 2:12, 56.48.5)
Sound/MNI/F6130.mp3 (3621 kB, 1:31, 67.29.5)
Sound/MNI/F99.mp3 (375 kB, 0:21, 56.40.3)
Sound/MNI/I1112-4.mp3 (2873 kB, 3:01, 56.40.2)
Sound/MNI/I25213-6.mp3 (5912 kB, 2:30, 68.42.1)
Sound/MNI/I13325.mp3 (7147 kB, 3:01, 67.40.7)
Sound/MNI/I13327.mp3 (4538 kB, 1:55, 67.40.7)
Sound/MNI/I13329.mp3 (3635 kB, 1:31, 67.40.7)
Sound/MNI/I1631.mp3 (1801 kB, 1:53, 56.40.2)
Sound/MNI/I99.mp3 (1062 kB, 1:05, 56.40.3)
Sound/MNI/Preface.mp3 (2093 kB, 2:12, 56.44.2)
Sound/MNI/S513N.mp3 (1080 kB, 1:06, 58.11.5-61.11.3)
Sound/MNI/S5147.mp3 (1686 kB, 1:45, 58.40.2)
Sound/MNI/S5326CT.mp3 (2565 kB, 1:04, 69.07.1)
Sound/MNI/S6217.mp3 (1237 kB, 1:20, 56.46.1)
Sound/MNI/S99.mp3 (1358 kB, 1:24, 56.40.3)
Sound/NarrowIs/NarroMCD.mp3 (1354 kB, 1:23, 59.14.4)
Sound/Saxifrax/Sax0RCD.mp3 (1701 kB, 1:46, 56.42.1-61.07.1)
Sound/Saxifrax/Sax0SCO.mp3 (2649 kB, 2:46, 56.44.6-61.07.1)
Sound/SymMusic/NchcN1ES.mp3 (894 kB, 0:54, 59.09.6)
Sound/SymMusic/WhlhW4SE.mp3 (1920 kB, 2:00, 59.09.6)
Sound/ThL/Note/Entropy.mp3 (5429 kB, 2:17, 68.39.6)
Sound/ThL/Note/Sparrow.mp3 (10853 kB, 11:33, 67.49.6)
Sound/ThL/Poem/ComP2C3.mp3 (1645 kB, 0:41, 68.46.7)
Sound/ThL/Poem/ComP4C3.mp3 (1541 kB, 0:38, 68.46.7)
Sound/ThL/Poem/CritHRCD.mp3 (1428 kB, 1:28, 58.11.5-64.07.7)
Sound/ThL/Poem/OneDay.mp3 (3827 kB, 1:38, 68.01.1)
Sound/ThL/Poem/Quiver.mp3 (3305 kB, 1:23, 69.46.4)
Sound/ThL/Poem/ThisLang.mp3 (5890 kB, 2:29, 68.22.1)
Sound/ThL/ShSt/Crusoe01.mp3 (4356 kB, 1:50, 69.07.3)
Sound/ThL/ShSt/Crusoe28.mp3 (5218 kB, 2:12, 69.07.3)
Sound/ToAnanda/ToA1RMCD.mp3 (398 kB, 0:22, 55.41.6-59.43.4)
Sound/ToAnanda/ToA1SCO.mp3 (588 kB, 0:34, 61.11.3)
Sound/ToAnanda/ToA1SMCO.mp3 (1237 kB, 1:11, 55.41.6-59.43.4) (v of same)
Sound/ToAnanda/ToA6RCD.mp3 (890 kB, 0:54, 53.32.2-59.43.7)
Sound/Whereas/WhAs0CD.mp3 (1306 kB, 1:20, 58.41.3-61.12.2)
Sound/WhlPoems/Whl3RCD.mp3 (970 kB, 0:58, -59.43.4)
Sound/WhlPoems/Whl3SMO.mp3 (1489 kB, 1:32, 61.12.3)
Sound/WhlPoems/Whl4SCO.mp3 (962 kB, 0:59, 53.32.4-59.43.4)
Sound/WhlPoems/Whl8SCO.mp3 (1886 kB, 1:57, 53.32.4-61.04.3) (copy)
Sound/ZzY/Shige/Anan1S.mp3 (4406 kB, 1:51, 67.25.1)
Sound/ZzY/Shige/Anan3R.mp3 (356 kB, 0:23, 66.22.5)
Sound/ZzY/Shige/LiuLiu2R.mp3 (246 kB, 0:16, 66.06.1)
Sound/ZzY/Shige/Shijian1.mp3 (1018 kB, 1:02, 66.20.6)
Sound/ZzY/Shige/WoBaobei.mp3 (4400 kB, 1:51, 68.02.6)
Sound/ZzY/Shige/ZzYuy1.mp3 (578 kB, 0:37, 64.03.1)

Sound/AnnouTe.wav (28 kB)
Sound/InclNuNm/NuNm01Wi.wav (452 kB, 0:20, 58.11.5)
Sound/SndRWo.wav (109 kB, 0:05)
Sound/WelcmTe.wav (33 kB)

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