In Southern Mid- and Late Lent

On 58.52.7 TRINPsite comprises 798 public files, of which approximately 615 different or 'unique' ones: 112 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 373 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm or *.txt (with wordwrap), 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 73 pictures, 4 ikons and 30 sound files.

The special 'meta' document with the lists of all files, FileList.htm, was put back. Originally this document listed all files, also all text files, and was therefore used for the VariViewing feature. When VariViewing was moved to the main index page, the lists of files too were moved to that page, because it is precisely the links to all the files the feature makes use of. However, strictly speaking, only the text page links are used in VariViewing. The lists of other types of file are not needed for VariViewing. Therefore, the index page had become much longer then really needed, and so it was decided to bring back the Lists of Files document, while leaving the lists of text pages used for VariViewing in the main index.

Another reintroduction was the picture of the Wheel (Graf/Ad/ArrTopC6.gif and Graf/Ad/ArrTopC8.gif) at the top of both general and MNI basic text pages. It connects the surfer to the nonannotated Wheel poems. Both the picture and the connection are now back again.

In Southern Equinoctial the Book of Symbols was made available as one plain text file. In Southern Mid-Yule the first three chapters of the Book of Fundamentals became available in this way as well. The file is called "MNI/BoF1-3.txt". Not only this file but also the previous MNI/BoS1-6.txt now have wordwrap, so that no-one will have to keep on scrolling horizontally when reading the text.

The Rainbow Coloring feature has been improved condiderably. It is now possible to (re)color three types of object: the page body background, other object backgrounds and texts. This is not only possible in the standard light colors but also in darker tones. Moreover, it now suffices to click on the color bar, or on one of two or three color bars, to get the desired color, if needed in combination with activating the JavaScript function in the 'LIGHT<>DARK' link. When starting the automatic 'Rainbow' presentation for the first time, a pop-up window is shown with instructions. Unfortunately, the automatic presentation does not work well on-line with one particular browser setting. ('[Check for newer versions of stored pages] every visit to the page' may even cause Internet Explorer to collapse on-line.) The problem is referred to in the pop-up window, and it is explained there how to deal with it.

In Southern Early Lent

On 58.44.7 TRINPsite comprises 796 public files, of which approximately 613 different or 'unique' ones: 111 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 372 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm or *.txt (with wordwrap), 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 30 sound files.

An open letter about correspondence was written for those intending to write to TRINPsite or the Stichting DNI Foundation. This 'letter' contains some instructions for the form and content of such correspondence. Obviously, in general e-mail and snail-mail letters are and remain welcome. This new document required a slightly adjusted signature picture (Pics/VincBase.gif).

In connection with the updating of the Value Documents two Model division files were added: Causing, Risking or Allowing the Death of Others and Symbolism in Art and Design. With these two nodal files it was not necessary anymore to list more than one basic section file from the same division in the Value Documents. Certain parts of the Model would otherwise receive too much emphasis compared to other parts.

The interactive presentation of rainbow objects introduced in Northern Late Yule can now also be applied to the HTML body backgrounds of the pages. Such a page body background changes or can be made to change from green to aqua to blue and violet, and from green to yellow to red and purple. In addition the background is covered with copies of a half-transparent Wheel of the Norm (Graf/Bkgr/Whl151Tr.gif, from the same source as Whl151Gr.gif). The Main Document and documents added or revised less than a quarter of a year ago show the rainbow colors and the wheels automatically; for other documents one will have to start the presentation first, provided the document has the (most recent) version date '58111'. In all cases the new color(s) can be maintained or the complete presentation stopped at any moment by using the central button at the very bottom of the page. Unfortunately (for users of other browsers), the whole process is only known to work with Internet Explorer.

In Southern Equinoctial

On 58.40.7 TRINPsite comprises 791 public files, of which approximately 610 different or 'unique' ones: 109 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 371 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm or *.txt (with wordwrap), 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 30 sound files.

The reading of the last paragraph of A funeral ceremony, a section of the Book of Symbols, can now be heard in the following new *.mp3 sound file: Sound/MNI/S5147.mp3. Its size is 412 kB and its length 1:45.

The arrival of a play has been announced, the first on TRINPsite. The play itself will not yet be publicly available, but a description of it can be found in a special document at ShSt/Evry.htm. The name of the play is Everyone The New Elckerlijc in which The New Elckerijc itself is (also) the name of a play within the play. As there is talk of no more than one play at the moment, it has been added to the branch of short stories. This branch has now been relabeled "Play and (Short) Stories".

Until now it has not been possible, while using a simple browser only, to obtain more than one section of the Model at a time. To obtain more sections at one go it has always been necessary to have recourse to a special program to download the whole of TRINPsite together, perhaps, even inclusive of the large sound files. (Downloading only the MNI directory does not suffice, since uptodate MNI documents, like all uptodate TRINPsite documents, make use of external files in the JS and CSS directories.) Therefore, without special facilities the visitor has had to open and save almost 300 documents before being able to read, and perhaps print out, the whole Model.

In order to make public access to the text of the complete Model easier, the creation of six special plain text files of a relatively small size is being considered. Each such text file will, then, comprise three chapters of the Book of Instruments, three chapters of the Book of Fundamentals or six chapters of the Book of Symbols. However, in now way does such a plain text file replace the graphic HTM files. The following disadvantages should be kept in mind:

  • it does not correctly display subscripts, superscripts and special symbols used in the Model
  • it does not always show lists and tables in a pleasant and clear way
  • it does not contain hypertext links, which, in a substantive sense, may make reading much more difficult
  • it shows paragraphs on one line extending to the extreme right, which makes it necessary to keep on scrolling horizontally when reading the text, as there is no wordwrap in the browser window
  • the part of each paragraph beyond the standard width will not even be printed, when using a regular browser program

Because of the wordwrap problem in a regular browser the visitor will have to make use of a simple word processor or a notepad with a wordwrap option to read and/or print the text of a plain text file of the type in question here. Yet, the great advantage remains that it will be possible to download the whole 290-section Model in 6 files of not much more than about 250 kB each. The first such file now made available is MNI/BoS1-6.txt, which contains the whole Book of Symbols.

In Southern Early and Mid-Yule

On 58.36.7 TRINPsite comprises 788 public files, of which approximately 608 different or 'unique' ones: 108 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 371 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 29 sound files.

A new poem, called "Tradition", was added to the folder of non-annotated non-computer-generated poetry. As far as its contents are concerned, it emphasizes that tradition need not be something good per se, but may be bad, neither good nor bad, or both. As far as technique is concerned, it is special in that it features a syllabic echo.

For many years now search engines have been using Web directories in which the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity is listed in the Philosophy category under 'Personal Pages' or, which is even more preposterous, under the subcategory 'Personal Pages > Authors' without mentioning the author of the Model at all. Moreover, these search engines still link to the old MNI.htm address instead of to the new MNI/MainDoc.htm address. The MNI Main Document was moved from the former to the latter place a long time ago! At MNI.htm there is now only a small but handy MNI Index Page.

To classify the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity as 'Personal Pages' is not only preposterous, it is downright offensive, especially when considering the places accorded to the 'sacred books' of religious ideologies. Therefore, it has been decided to disqualify all addresses (but not necessarily the complete sources) which make use of such Web directories. In practise this means that direct access from search engine pages at those addresses to the TRINPsite MNI.htm address is no longer granted.

In order to encourage Web directory developers to find or create a more suitable class (or more suitable classes) a special document was added to the MNI branch of files, called "The Model in Web directories". This document is automatically shown in a frame on the page telling visitors from the disqualified addresses that they should try to reach the Model in a different way. The several small extra files in the Info/Repl[ace] directory which make this possible (and direct access impossible) have not been included in the numbers above.

In Northern Late Lent and Equatorial

On 58.28.7 TRINPsite comprises 786 public files, of which approximately 606 different or 'unique' ones: 108 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 369 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 29 sound files.

The third chapter of the Book of Symbols (The Supreme and the Nanaic) was completed by adding its third division: Both Together. The four sections concerned start with Two fundamental symbols. The whole Model of Neutral-Inclusivity is now available on the Internet except for one section in the Book of Symbols and 30 remaining figures (out of a total of 35).

One poem, Billbodies at Poet/NCGP/NAnn/Billbody.HTM, was deleted from TRINPsite. It can still be accessed at www.xs4all.nl/~in/En/Poetry/Billbody.HTM.

In Northern Equinoctial and Mid-Lent

On 58.20.7 TRINPsite comprises 783 public files, of which approximately 603 different or 'unique' ones: 108 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 366 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 29 sound files.

Two whole divisions, together constituting six sections, were added to the Book of Symbols. The first division is The All-Ananic, of which the first section is The concept of (the) supreme being. The second division consists of one section only: The all-nanaic.

The new note Turn-bottoms got the length of a short article and was long enough to deserve the creation of a new document in the Notes branch. Another new piece of writing, The supernatural coin, was added to The Other Day, an existing document in the Short Stories branch.

In the 58th Northern Mid-Lent TRINPsite became accessible to cellphones for the first time. WAP pages were created for the conversion of dates to Metric, for Notes of the Metric Months and for one poem. In addition to these lower-level pages one top page was created from which they can easily be reached and which functions as an introduction to TRINPsite as well. Unlike the other pages, which only contain material from existing HTML documents, this page is considered 'unique'. All these pages have a *.wml extension. For the Metric conversion a special WMLSript file was put in a new WMLS folder. The script is basically the same as the JavaScript version for HTML pages and is therefore not 'unique'.

In order to make the existence of TRINPsite WAP pages known and to keep track of their number a special HTML document was added to the root directory. The name of the file is WAP.htm. It shows the list of current WAP pages without providing access to those pages. (Such access is to be realized by means of a mobile phone.)

In Northern Late Yule

On 58.12.7 TRINPsite comprises 770 public files, of which approximately 594 different or 'unique' ones: 107 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 359 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 29 sound files.

Again, three new sections were added to the Book of Symbols. The first one is an undivided division: The purpose of joining. The other two constitute the third division of the sixth and last chapter: New Centers. The basic text files can also be accessed by starting with the first of these two (Of denominational engagement) from here.

The quality of several sound files was enhanced, while one completely new file was added: the Normistic Reflection in paragraph 2 of Communion, the third section of the first division of the fifth chapter of the Book of Symbols. This new and 'unique' MP3 file was called "S513N.mp3". An MP3 file was provided, too, of Include the Neutral Name, which had already been available as a wave file for a long time. In addition to the solo version a chorus version was created from the same original in both MP3 format (NuNm3xCO.mp3) and wave format (NuNm3xTO.wav).

This month saw the introduction of so-called 'rainbow objects'. Such objects take the different colors of the rainbow. They change from green to aqua to blue, back to green, and then to orange and red, via a number of intermediate hues. One cycle takes 10 minutes (in which every hue is used twice). The process is controlled for the whole of TRINPsite from one point in the external JavaScript file BodyObjs.js. There are two types of rainbow objects: backgrounds and texts; and also two directions in which they may change color: first from green to blue or first from green to red. Where it is possible to determine the color of the scroll bar, this scroll bar can be turned into a rainbow background object too. At the moment the coloring of the scroll bar only works with Internet Explorer and then --what you would not expect-- not with the standard DOCTYPE definition!

In order to turn a scroll bar into a rainbow object it is necessary to reidentify the HTML body as a CSS entity. This is done by adding id="Body" between the HTML body tags. All files of the latest format will now have this extra body identification. Their version date is 58.11.1. There are special files, however, which have the CSS body identification and rainbow objects, but which are not in the latest format. Thus, also the main index page now has rainbow text objects and a color-changing scroll bar and also the main document a rainbow-colored scroll bar and a rainbow background object in the page itself.

In Northern Early and Mid-Yule

On 58.08.7 TRINPsite comprises 763 public files, of which approximately 590 different or 'unique' ones: 107 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 356 *.HTM, 4 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files. The increase from 7 to 8 (all) or 3 to 4 (unique) *Txt.htm files is the result of a recount. Similarly, after a recount the total number of picture files turned out to be 172 instead of 171.

At the beginning of the new year it turned out that the file Notes/Months.HTM with the Notes of the Metric Months, which was started 52 years after the Second World War was becoming too long. Therefore it was decided to collect these notes in files of four years. Like 52 the number of the first of every four years is divisible by 4. This resulted in two new basic files: Y52-55.HTM and Y56-59.HTM with the Notes of the Metric Months of the years 52 to 55 and the years 56 to this year respectively. (The file Months.HTM was discontinued.) A new nodal document for the Notes of the Metric Months gives access to the folder in which the above basic files are to be found.

During this same part of Northern Yule three new sections were added to the Book of Symbols. Together they constitute the second division of the fourth chapter: Symbolism in Art and Design. The basic text files can also be accessed by starting with the first one (The new weltanschauung's impact on art and design) from here.

The most important change of these two months is that the special Lists of Files (FileList.htm) with the random-viewing feature has been abandoned. The lists have been moved to the TRINPsite Main Index, which from now on will contain an Index of Files in addition to the old Index of Values and Index of Works and Subjects. Moreover, the random-viewing script has been transformed into a VariViewing script for both regular surfing and viewing randomly selected pages in a medium size or full-screen window. It is possible to start VariViewing not only from the main index page but from the TRINPSITE SELECTION menu of any standard TRINPsite page such as the present one. (That is, not from some special pages and old documents which still require updating). The same applies to the VariViewing information and help page, where you may also find more details.

The nodal document for philosophical and literary papers has been renewed. Before, all papers were listed on one (top) level, now The Truth and Relevancy of a Distinct Direction in Philosophy, Towards an Ethical Theory of Relevancy and The Moral and Immoral Appeal to Rights in Issues of Discrimination have been put on a second, lower level. They are part of one study in normative philosophy called "Discrimination between Right and Relevancy". The Introduction to this study (with Contents) has been made available as well as The Moral and Immoral Appeal to Rights in Issues of Discrimination.

As always, this new Add[itions a]N[d ]Rev[isions] file for the 9th year of TRINPsite's existence was added as well.

©MVVM, 58-70 ASWW

Additions and Revisions