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In Southern Late Lent

On 57.52.7 TRINPsite comprises 754 public files, of which approximately 582 different or 'unique' ones: 107 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 349 *.HTM, 3 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

This thirteenth and last month of the year witnessed the introduction of a Metric diary, not only to be used in the new year but in any year to come. A simple frameset file (not considered 'unique') defines the top and bottom frames for two new files:

  • DiarInfo.HTM at the top, with general information about the diary and the different options for the user, among which the Gregorian dates
  • DiarPags.HTM at the bottom, which produces the 52 pages of the week and the cover. Together these pages contain 30 pictures of a part of the globe with the words 'METRIC CALENDAR' superimposed. These pictures can be found in a special Pics/MetCalMv folder and are called "MetC_01.gif" to "MetC_30.gif". As they have been derived from Pics/MetCalMv.gif, they are not considered unique.

The diary can be accessed thru the frameset file at Time/Diary.htm.

The Book of Instruments was completed with the addition of the first three divisions of the ninth chapter, Property: Conceptual Analysis (four files), Traditional Proper and Improper Arguments (five files) and Things Possessed and Not Possessed (also five files). Their first sections are: Introduction, General aspects of justification, and One's own body or its parts.

The random viewing feature in the Lists of Files has been improved again. The BACK button is now labeled PREV, as PREV(IOUS) is the opposite of NEXT, and new BACK and FORW(ARD) buttons have been added to the console. These extra buttons can be used during self-surfing when the links of a randomly selected page are being followed. They are no different from the standard BACK and FORWARD browser buttons, unlike the NEXT and PREV buttons which are typical of random-viewing. Note that self-surfing is possible during random-viewing (when the page is not refreshed for a whole minute), but that it makes more sense to do this during pausing, when the random-viewing process is temporarily halted.

The titles of TRINPsite pages have always been in capitals, firstly, to distinguish them from the body of the text itself, and secondly, to give them a greater weight than the name of the browser. It is a silly and awkward phenomenon indeed that the name of a browser should appear in the same size and font and at the same place as the title of the page displayed by that browser. The use of capitals in titles has, however, unpleasant consequences in search engines. There the first letters of words may be capitalized, but there it is uncommon to use nothing but capitals. In search engines titles written in capitals only come across as harsh. Therefore it has been decided to use capitals for initial letters only (including acronyms) in the titles between the <title> tags. This is the way they will appear in search engines from now on. By means of JavaScript these titles are turned into upper case before putting them at the top of the browser page. This does not only apply to the regular window but also to the specially opened window for random viewing. Also this window now shows the full title in capitals of the randomly selected page or of the page surfed to from there.

In Southern Mid-Lent

On 57.48.7 TRINPsite comprises 706 public files, of which approximately 566 different or 'unique' ones: 107 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 333 *.HTM, 3 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 72 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

Two new Model divisions, consisting of eight *.HTM files, were added: Some Alleged Rights and Justifications (five files) and Ways of Losing or Weakening Rights (three files). Their first sections are: Some traditional general justifications of rights and The general nature of fundamental 'laws' and rights. Together these new files complete Right-Duty Constellations, the eighth chapter of the Book of Instruments. One old Model file was converted from *.html to the latest format of graphic *.htm: The Diversity of the Notions of Relevancy.

The random viewing feature in the Lists of TRINPsite files has been considerably improved and should work perfectly with Internet Explorer 6.0, both on-line and off-line. The old FileRndV.htm and FileRndE.htm were deleted. They have been replaced by the following six technical files:

  • FileRndC.htm: with this file it is checked whether the browser can keep track of the closing of a window and whether it can cope with pages with JavaScript in the pop-up window;
  • FileRndH.htm: defines two horizontal frames, a main frame and a top frame above it for the console;
  • FileRndM.htm: information page for main frame in both FileRndH.htm and FileRndV.htm;
  • FileRndR.htm: for right frame with console in FileRndV.htm;
  • FileRndT.htm: for top frame with console in FileRndH.htm;
  • FileRndV.htm: defines two vertical frames, a main frame and a frame to the right of it for the console.

The console consists of BACK, PAUSE, FSCR, INFO, RIGHT, STOP and NEXT buttons. With the FSCR button it is possible to opt for a full-screen presentation, after which the button will turn into a MSCR button (to return to the original, medium-size window). With the RIGHT button it is possible to move the console from the top to the right, after which it will turn into a TOP button (to move the console to the top). In the top-right corner of the right frame three pictures or 'icons' show in a conventional way how to minimize, maximize and close the newly opened window. In full-screen mode the middle button will show how to change the window back to its original shape. This required four new *.gif pictures in total. (They have been put in the Pics folder.)

Altho the random-viewing feature basically works with a browser which cannot detect a closed window, it does not work with browsers which cannot show, or refuse to show, pages with JavaScript in the newly opened window. For such browsers the script has been especially adapted so that they should at least show the simple pages (and some pictures) which do not make use of JavaScript. This means, however, that also the console is not available and that the user will have to wait a whole minute every time, perhaps even without the possibility of surfing further in the meanwhile. Such surfing is, indeed, not possible with Netscape version 4.7, altho the script does work for the simple pages selected. Unfortunately, the random-viewing script does not seem to work at all with the latest Netscape version (7.0).

In Southern Early Lent

On 57.44.7 TRINPsite comprises 689 public files, of which approximately 551 different or 'unique' ones: 103 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 7 *.html, 325 *.HTM, 3 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 68 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

The number of *.HTM files increased by 10. Six of these files form the first and second divisions of the eighth chapter of the Book of Instruments (Right-Duty Constellations): The Basics of Having a Right (two files) and Seven Parties with Their Rights and Duties (four files). Their first sections are: Some traditional conceptions and A constructional classification of rights and duties. Four old plain-text basic files were converted from *Txt.htm to the latest format of graphic *.HTM: one poem and three sections from the fifth chapter of the Book of Instruments (Relevancy). The new poem file is Intimations of Inclusiveness; the new Model files are Wholly consequentialistic?, Pseudofactual relevancy and Dependence on internal or external nonrelevance.

The problem with the doctype declaration (DTD) and the menus which did not float anymore with Internet Explorer version 6 (see Southern Mid-Yule) has been solved. Strictly speaking, the problem was not that there was a DTD, but that the DTD of TRINPsite documents in the latest format is:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
The menus would float as designed with a DTD for HTML 4.0. It turned out that for XHTML 1.0 and IE6 'document.body.scrollTop' (and also 'scrollLeft') in the JavaScript script is always 0. In other browsers and in earlier versions and for other and no DTDs it still is what it used to be, namely the value of the vertical scrolling offset. For XHTML 1.0 IE6 requires a a new 'document.documentElement' instead of the 'document.body' definition. The script for the floating menus has now been written in such a way that both definitions are taken care of. In addition one substantive change has been made. The menus cannot be completely cleared away anymore, but can now only be 'moved away'. This means that their floating can be stopped, in which case the left and/or right menus will stay at the top of the page. By clicking on the same MOV button again the menu is made to move or 'float' again.

Last year in Southern Equinoctial the introduction of a new facility was announced, the so-called 'automatic random-viewing feature'. However, this feature, which enables the visitor to see almost all documents at random in a newly opened window, often did not work properly, especially on-line. (Off-line it could work well and be impressive, provided you had access to all TRINPsite pages.) A number of changes have now been made in the script, so that it should also work properly on-line. The separate file 'FileRndV.htm' with the STOP button is shown in the complete special window the first time, but after that it is only shown in a small frame at the top of this window with the randomly selected page in the main frame. The file 'FileRndI.htm' was not needed anymore. Instead of this file a new file, called "FileRndE.htm", was created. The E stands for empty, for, oddly enough, this file which governs the framing of the pop-up window must be (almost) empty in order to change the contents of the main frame every minute. Altho one would expect a recursive function for such a feature, no such function is used, because it produced errors. The only errors the present script may produce are innocuous ones which can easily be overcome by waiting a minute or, in the worst case, by restarting the program. Obviously, because of the database of links needed, the random viewing feature can only be accessed from the Lists of TRINPsite files.

In Southern Equinoctial

On 57.40.7 TRINPsite comprises 683 public files, of which approximately 545 different or 'unique' ones: 103 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 7 *.html, 315 *.HTM, 7 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 68 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

The first chapter of the Book of Instruments (Having and Thingness) was completed with the addition of the fourth and fifth divisions: Attributes as Ultimate Constitiuents and Wholes. Both divisions consist of three sections. The first ones are Simplex and complex things in different domains and Their whole-, part- and pseudo-attributes respectively.

Two nodal plain-text Model files were converted from *.html to *.htm. They are Postreligious, Catenical Normism from the Book of Fundamentals and The Significance of Relevancy from the Book of Instruments.

One basic document containing the poem The Loafguards (in the Poet/NCGP/NAnn folder) was removed from TRINPsite, because its contents concerned too much one country or even one institution in one country in particular. It can now be found at the following private address:

Not only have the graphic imperfections in the crossword puzzles been adjusted, the puzzles have been extended as well. Those who now start these games by filling in at least one word will be shown the final scores at the end in figures, in percentages and in more colorful ways. In order to concentrate the common source code for the different puzzles at one point a new JavaScript file was created. This file, which contains as many JavaScript objects from the (original) script in the HTML head statement as possible and new objects in addition, was named "CWHead.js" and put in the JS/GP directory.

Meanwhile the process of improving the appearance of TRINPsite documents on the screen continues unabated. This work consists mainly of converting the numerous old documents into new ones that follow the rules of the latest format based on XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets. These style sheets enable the designer too to make the appearance on the screen different from the one on paper (where, for example, there are no links which the reader can click on). It is to make a better use of this possibility that two CSS files were changed just before the end of this month: MNINodal.css and GenNodal.css. At the moment it is assumed that those who print a TRINPsite document will do that in the first place to read it, that is, to read it themselves or to let others read it, rather than look at the pictures or something. Therefore, documents in the latest format will show almost all text in black on a white background, even tho the texts may appear in many different, often lighter, colors with different backgrounds on the screen.

Model documents which are updated graphically are also updated 'hypertextually'. This means that wherever neologisms or difficult words might confuse or mislead the reader hypertext links are provided to places where those words occur for the first time or are explained, or where an issue is dealt with in more detail. In this way the Model should become more and more accessible for everyone and at the same time more and more interesting. The special page for Model terms is a collection of all these terms and concepts with their various links and has been extended considerably. It contains the pronunciations of the words as well, which should be helpful especially to visitors for whom the present language is not their first language.

In Southern Mid-Yule

On 57.36.7 TRINPsite comprises 677 public files, of which approximately 539 different or 'unique' ones: 101 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 9 *.html, 310 *.HTM, 7 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 6 JavaScript files, 68 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

The number of *.HTM files increased by 18. Of these eighteen files seven are new. Together they constitute the third and the seventh divisions of the first chapter of the Book of Instruments (Having and Thingness): The Attributive versus the Objectual View (three files) and Existence and Thingness (four files). Their first sections are: Logical domains of discourse and The voidness of the metaphysical everything.

This month no fewer than thirteen plain-text Model files were converted: 11 basic files from *Txt.htm to *.HTM and 2 nodal files from *.html to *.htm. The converted and reformatted basic files are Under the denomination of the Norm, The question [of denominational primacy] tabled, The obsurities of a classical paradox, "Equal, unless ...", Relevancy or relatedness in other disciplines, the three following sections of The Diversity of the Notions of Relevancy (a division), Redundant?, Formal or substantive? and Inconsistence as one of five criterions. The adjusted nodal files are Conceptual Status of Relevancy and Criterions of Discriminational Irrelevance.

In theory the design of TRINPsite documents is browser-independent. Documents in the latest format use standard source codes. They have been validated for transitional XHTML 1.0 and only the use of table backgrounds and <nobr> tags does not conform to the standard. (The 'no-break' tags in particular are very useful, especially in the stave files of the Vocabulary of Alliteration.) But the actual practise is different and usually a document read with a browser such as Internet Explorer will not look exactly the same as one read with Netscape, for instance. Things get worse when a new version of the same browser does not show pages in the latest format in the familiar way. Thus it turned out that Internet Explorer version 6 (IE 6.0.2600.000) caused a number of problems in the reading of TRINPsite pages which were, and still are, correct when visited with version 5:

  • IE5 default alignment for table cells and list elements used to be 'left' but IE6 puts the elements, such as text, in the center, unless defined otherwise. This problem can easily be solved by not depending on the default alignment any longer. In the pages where this problem occurred and was noticed the source code has already been adjusted.
  • A very specific case of misrepresentation concerns the crossword puzzles. When filling in the letters and checking the result, the red crosses which are to show which letters or whole words are wrong are (too far) off the mark with IE6. This cosmetic imperfection is to be corrected at a later date.
  • The worst problem encountered with IE6, when compared with IE5, is that the 'floating' menus do not float anymore! A code analysis showed that this is caused by the doctype declaration (DTD) at the very beginning of the document. However, it is not what one would expect, namely that the DTD is wrong. It is purely the fact, so it seems, that the DTD is there, for without any DTD at all the menus float perfectly (while the rest of the page is shown in the right way as well).
The problem with the DTD in the source code when using Internet Explorer version 6 has not been solved yet. (It can hardly be called "a solution" to delete the DTD in every separate document.) Fortunately, the problem almost only concerns the floating of the menus, because the menus are still displayed at the top of the page and can be used from there.

In Southern Early Yule

On 57.32.7 TRINPsite comprises 670 public files, of which approximately 532 different or 'unique' ones: 99 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 11 *.html, 292 *.HTM, 18 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 6 JavaScript files, 68 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

The second chapter of the Book of Instruments (Catenas of Attributes and Relations) was completed with the addition of Quasi-duads: bipolarity and extremity catenas, Quasi-hexaduads and quasi-monads and the whole fifth division called "The Catena's Position in a Derivation System" and consisting of three sections.

Six old plain-text Model files 'went graphic' and are now also appearing in the latest format: three basic section files and three nodal division files. The redesigned basic files, whose extensions were changed from *Txt.htm to *.HTM, are Postreligious, post-theodemonistic and catenical, Where neutrality determines the mean and As to the Days of Neutrality. The nodal files, whose extensions were changed from the old *.html to the new *.htm, are The Scope of Catenization, Truth and Relevance on Principle and Social Formulas of Observance.

TRINPsite has already featured a crossword since the 56th Southern Lent. But that first crossword contained only five words, namely the five TRINP values. This month Crossword puzzle #2 was added, a crossword of the same general size (11x11), yet now of no fewer than 38 words. Some of these words definitely belong to the neutral-inclusive vocabulary while others are of a nondenominational nature. In order to get to these basic crossword files on the TRINPsite tree a special nodal file was created, called Crossword Puzzles. This node may later be used to give access to puzzles of a different type as well.

In Equatorial Month

On 57.28.7 TRINPsite comprises 663 public files, of which approximately 525 different or 'unique' ones: 95 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 14 *.html, 283 *.HTM, 21 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 6 JavaScript files, 68 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

This month the first division of the second chapter of the Book of Instruments (Catenas of Attributes and Relations) was added: Beyond Formal Connectedness. This division consists of three sections and can also be accessed by starting from its first section, called "A matter of being heavy, equally heavy or lighter". The first two sections of the fourth division (Ways of Classifying Catenas) were also added: The four main criterions of classification and Explicit triads.

The introduction of 'Favorites' ikons last month required a new and special link statement between the <head> and </head> tags such as: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="WhlT1.ico"> (at least to make things work properly). Instead of adding such a statement to TRINPsite's hundreds of text files separately with the risk of having to change it hundreds of times in the future, and instead of adding new statements of a new or old type to the hundreds of heads of the HTML text files in the future (again, with the risk of having to change them hundreds of times later on) it was decided to make use of one general JavaScript objects statement in the head:
<script src="JS/HeadObjs.js" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"></script>.
This statement does not only take care of the 'shortcut icon' link but it also replaces the other link statements and all previous JavaScript statements in the head of the text file with the exception of special scripts meant for one particular document only.

As the new HeadObjs JavaScript file contains a number of functions of the old BodyFnct.js file, a new BodyObjs.js file was created to take its place. Text files of the latest format will therefore use HeadObjs.js and BodyObjs.js and not BodyFnct.js anymore. In the period of transition all these files will, of course, continue to exist side by side.

In Northern Late Lent

On 57.24.7 TRINPsite comprises 653 public files, of which approximately 519 different or 'unique' ones: 95 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 14 *.html, 278 *.HTM, 21 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 5 JavaScript files, 68 pictures, 4 ikons and 28 sound files.

The third chapter of the Book of Instruments (About What Is, Can and Should Be) was completed by adding the second division (Nonpropositional and Propositional Reality) and the third division (Propositional Reality and Language).

This month saw the introduction of 'Favorites' ikons of 16x16 pixels and 16 colors. Dependent on the browser used, these ikons appear when a page is added on-line to the Favorites, provided that there is a shortcut link on the page or a favicon.ico copy in the directory concerned. They are, with their functions:

  • a complete wheel for the root directory and files without a special ikon
  • a top-left quarter wheel for nodal MNI files, such as MNI/MainDoc.htm
  • a bottom-left quarter wheel for basic MNI files, such as MNI/BoS/4/1/2.HTM
  • a top-right quarter wheel for other nodal files, such as Poet.htm
  • a bottom-right quarter wheel for other basic files, such as Poet/NCGP/Ann/WhlPoems.HTM
  • a booklike ikon for (nodal and basic) files of the Vocabulary of Alliteration
In addition there are now two desktop ikons of 32x32 pixels: one (the complete wheel ikon) for TRINPsite as a whole and one (the booklike ikon) for the multi-site Vocabulary of Alliteration. They are not part of TRINPsite on-line, nor are they exact enlargements of the 16x16 variants. The pictures of these eight ikons together can be seen in the Lists of Files.

In Northern Mid-Lent

On 57.20.7 TRINPsite comprises 632 public files, of which approximately 510 different or 'unique' ones: 95 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 14 *.html, 273 *.HTM, 21 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 5 JavaScript files, 68 picture files and 28 sound files.

This month the first division of the third chapter of the Book of Instruments (About What Is, Can and Should Be) was added: Three Times, Three Spheres. This division consists of four sections and can also be accessed by starting from its first section, called "To be in time or not to be in time". The link NEXT TEXT at the bottom will then take you to the next section.

No other new files were added this month, but the process of converting old files to the latest format continues unabated. Obviously, the above Model section files have the latest format, but also nodal files such as Poet.htm and non-Model basic files such as EyeRhyme.HTM now have the latest format.

The list of sound files was extended with an old telephone-quality *.wav file of the whole poem Saxifrax of which the quality was considerably enhanced with a music editor. (Until now there was only an *.mp3 file of the whole poem.)

In Northern Equinoctial

On 57.16.7 TRINPsite comprises 627 public files, of which approximately 506 different or 'unique' ones: 95 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 14 *.html, 269 *.HTM, 21 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 5 JavaScript files, 68 picture files and 28 sound files.

The seventh chapter of the Book of Instruments (Elements of Normative Philosophy) was made fully accessible with the addition of the first two divisions:

As the nodal files have not been prepared yet, these divisions can be accessed from the Contents of the Model (as above) or by starting from the first section of the chapter, called "Ontological and epistemological preliminaries". Then follow the link NEXT TEXT at the bottom each time to move to the next section of the same division or the first section of the next division.

It is now possible to enlarge and reduce the font by means of a new feature in the floating menus. Of course, the browser itself will have such a facility too, but the difference with the 'home-made' site facility is that the font can be enlarged and reduced in smaller steps, and that the change of font only applies to the central text body. (Changing the size of the characters with the browser will reduce or enlarge all characters.) The information outside the 600-pixel-wide 'framed' central text table and in the menus themselves is kept at the same size, just like some standard information within the central text table (and just like the text in pictures). This shows most clearly when reducing the font a few times. What is left over then is a miniature layout of the whole page, with pictures and standard texts at fixed sizes and the variable text not more than 2 pixels big. It is this variable text, however, which can be enlarged ad infinitum. At a certain point the central text table will even become wider than 600 pixels, but this will not affect the structure of the page. The only thing that the user should keep in mind is that 'e should not enlarge the text so many times that 'e will have to start scrolling from left to right and from right to left. In other words, it is advisable not to let the central text table become wider than the window or screen in which it is viewed.

In connection with the new font resizing feature two special ikons were designed, one pointing to the left (ResizeL.gif) for font reduction and one pointing to the right (ResizeR.gif) for font enlargement.

In Northern Late Yule

On 57.12.7 TRINPsite comprises 619 public files, of which approximately 499 different or 'unique' ones: 95 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 14 *.html, 263 *.HTM, 21 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 5 JavaScript files, 67 picture files and 28 sound files.

In this Late Yule two incomplete divisions were completed, the first one in the Book of Symbols, with three new sections at the beginning, and the second one in the Book of Instruments, with three new sections at the end. As the nodal files have not been prepared yet, they can be accessed from the Contents of the Model:

They can also be accessed by starting from the first section of division S.5.1 (The meaning of denominational observances) or from the third one of division I.2.6 (Catenical aspects).

Only one old section file, Denominational and secular concerns, underwent the change from a nongraphic *Txt.htm to a graphic *.HTM file this month.

The page with the aural analysis of the song 'Ananda' has been enriched with an illustration consisting of two pictures, one at the top and one at the bottom. This illustration shows how the song is portrayed in a music editor.

A special directory was created for files dealing with questions of chronology or time. The old YWD.htm file was turned from a quasi-nodal into a basic text file (YWD.HTM) and put into this new Time directory. The page for automatic conversion, which used to be Time.HTM, was renamed "Time/Date.HTM". The perpetual New Year card, too, was moved from the Info to the Time directory, where it got the name 'Time/NewYearC.HTM'. In the root directory a nodal file called "Chronology", with the file name 'Time.htm', now provides an introduction and the links to the documents in the new subdirectory. (In a way Time.htm replaces YWD.htm.)

One of the longer notes in the Notes directory contained a piece of fiction, called "Forcibly Converted", which resembled a legend in the first person. (One would expect a 'true' legend to be in the third person.) At the same time such a fictional legend also looks like a short story in the first person. With the addition of a new 'legend', called "Not One", it has been decided therefore to add a special document for fictional legends to the directory of short stories. It has been given the title "The Other Day", not only because the two pieces of fiction start with these words but also because they do deal with an other, that is, a different day, time or era.

In Northern Early and Mid-Yule

On 57.08.7 TRINPsite comprises 607 public files, of which approximately 490 different or 'unique' ones: 95 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 14 *.html, 254 *.HTM, 22 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 5 JavaScript files, 66 picture files and 28 sound files. On 57.07.1 a link tester counted 441 web pages and 10,864 links, all of them site-internal. (These so-called 'web pages' consisted of 131 *.htm, 16 *.html, 251 *.HTM, 28 *Txt.htm or *.txt, 6 *.css and 9 *.js files.) 2 'dry-surf links' contained off-line addresses and were erroneously classed as broken. 10 other links did really fail and were restored almost at once.

On the occasion of the start of the Metric New Year, immediately after the Northern winter solstice, the perpetual New Year('s) card was displayed again for people visiting TRINPsite during the first three weeks of the year.

In these first two months of the 57th Northern Yule thirteen new sections or basic text files were added to the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity, so that the whole Book of Fundamentals is now accessible via site-internal links. (It was 'completed' in this sense on 57.05.7.) The sections concerned constitute the following three divisions in the middle of the second chapter (The Manifestations of Exclusivism):

As the nodal files have not been prepared yet, the section files have to be accessed from the total Contents of the Model, by starting with the first one (Sophistic [exclusivism]) from here or by using one of the special links from other files.

Two old Model section files, Special and universal catenizations and Formulas of symbolization and socialization, underwent the change from a nongraphic *Txt.htm to a graphic *.HTM file.

Obviously, the present *.HTM file for the 8th year of TRINPsite's existence is also new.



Additions and Revisions