M O D E L   T E R M S

Here follows a list of special Model terms with, in the second column, the sections or undivided divisions where they occur for the first time or are (further) explained in the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity. The number after the dot refers to the paragraph. (If the text starts with a prose poem, its anchor is given the number 1 and the succeeding paragraph the number 2. If it ends with a prose poem its anchor is 0, regardless of the number of preceding paragraphs.) For example, DNI, F412.1 means For the meaning or first occurrence of the term/acronym DNI see the first paragraph of the second section of the first division of the fourth chapter of the Book of Fundamentals. The third column gives the prototypic pronunciation(s) of the word or words, using the TRINPsite Transcription, a double-case phonemic system in which capitals indicate stress and bold capitals primary stress. Only sharp syllable boundaries are shown here, not fuzzy ones. An |r| which is not followed by a vowel may not be pronounced, while an intervocalic unstressed |t| may be replaced with |d|, and unstressed |i| with a schwa (|a|). Thus, catenated is not only pronounced as |KAEta-NEItid|, as indicated below, but also as |KAEda-NEIdad|, and sinister not only as |SInistar|, but also as, for example, |SInasta|. (For further details of this notation system see the Vocabulary of Alliteration).

abnegational (exclusivism) F214.2 AEB-ni-GEIshan(a)l/-GEIshnal
aggrandizemental (exclusivism) F214.2 a-GRAENdiz-MENt(a)l
ana- F331.6, S233.2 AHna
anabasis S212.5 a-NAEbasis
anabatic S212.6 AEna-BAEtik
anafactive F332.5 AHna-FAEKtiv
anagnorisis S514.1, S514.7 AEnag-NAWrasis
anagnorize S514.7 a-NAEG-na-RAIZ
anakentron S423.1 AHna-KEN-TRAHN/-TRON
anan- S233.2 AHnan / a-NAHN
ananic(ity) S233.4 a-NAHnik, AHna-NIsatee/iti
ananorm F331.6, S212.5 AHna-NAWRM
ananormative F331.6 AHna-NAWRmativ
the Ananorm, Ananormative F441.4, F642.1 dhee/dhi AHna-NAWRM, AHna-NAWRmativ
anastomosis S621.4 AEnasta-/a-NAEsta-MOHsis
antisymbol S132.2 AEN-TAI-/AENtee-/AENti-SIM-b(a)l
aSWW, ASWW c. page, S521.12 EI-ES-DAb(a)l-DAb(a)l-JOO
attributive (view) I132.3 a-TRIbjativ/bjutiv
bipolarity I223.7 BAIpa-LAEriti / BAIpoh-LAEratee
catena I212.1, I222.5 ka-TEEna
the Catena S411.3 dha ka-TEEna
catenal(ity) I232.2 ka-TEEnal, KAEta-NAElatee/iti
catenary (predicate) I223.2 KAEta-NEree / ka-TEEnari
catenated (predicate) I221.1, I223.2 KAEta-NEItid
catenical I223.1 ka-TEEnakal
catenization I253.2 ka-TEEna-ZEIshan / -TEEnai-
comprehensive (ideology) I612.5 KAHMpri-/KOMpri-HENsiv
conventionalist (view) S231.1 kan-VEN(t)shanalist
dao, Dao F315.0, F542.9 DAU
decision-theory I722.2 dee/di-SIzh(a)n-THEEaree/-THI(a)ri
denomination(al doctrine) I612.5 dee-NAHma-/di-NOmi-NEIsh(a)n
denominational paradigm I632.1 dee-NAHma-/di-NOmi-NEIshan(a)l PAEra-DAIM
denominationalism I612.5, F252.1 dee-NAHma-NEIshan(a)l-Iz(a)m / di-NOmi-NEIshana-LIz(a)m
derivation I253.2 DEra-VEIshan
dexter S212.8 DEKstar
dharma, Dharma S212.12 DARma
disciplinary thought I611.3 DIsapli-NEree / DIsaplinari / DIsi-PLInari THAWT
DNI F412.1, F441.1 DEE-e-NAI
doctrinal I851.5 dahk-TRAInal / DOK-trinal
'e I161.8 EE
Early Lent / Yule S521.9 ARlee/li LENT, JOOL
Equatorial (Month) S521.9 EEkwa-TAWree-al / Ekwa-TAWri-al
Equinoctial (Month) S521.9 EEkwa-NOK-shal / Ekwa-NAHK-shal
'er I161.8 AR
etatic F232.1 ee-TAEtik
exclusivism F211.6 ek-SKLOOza-/ik-SKLOOsi-VIz(a)m
exism F211.8 EK-SIz(a)m
extensionality I132.6 ek-/ik-STEN(t)sha-NAElatee/iti
extremism I344.8, F323.1 ek-/ik-STREE-MIz(a)m
extremist I622.2 ek-/ik-STREEmist
extremity I223.11 ek-/ik-STREmatee/iti
extrinsic liberty F442.5 ek-/ik-STRINsik/zik LIbartee/ti
extrinsic right I822.6 ek-/ik-STRINsik/zik RAIT
focus (of relevancy) I512.7 FOHkas
fundamentalism S11.3 FANda-MENta-LIz(a)m / -MENt(a)l-Iz(a)m
ground- I322.3 GRAUND
half-right I822.4 HAEF-/HAHF-RAIT
hypothesis of mean-neutrality I263.1 hai-POthisis av MEEN-n(j)oo-TRAElatee/iti
i I111.12, I344.3 AI
'im I161.8 IM
inclusivism F211.6 in-KLOOsi-VIz(a)m/za-VIz(a)m
inclusivity F111.1 INkloo-SIviti/-ZIvatee
indifference (principle of --) F432.3 in-DIf(a)ran(t)s/-DIfarn(t)s
indifference (state of --) I212.3 in-DIf(a)ran(t)s/-DIfarn(t)s
indifferentism F432.7 in-DIf(a)ran-TIz(a)m / in-DIfarnt-Iz(a)m
infrafactorial (exclusivism) F122.4, F212.6 INfrafaek-TAWree-al / -TAWri-
instrumentalism S11.2 INstra-MENta-LIz(a)m / INZ-tra-MENt(a)l-Iz(a)m
instrumentalistic I712.7 INstra-MENta-LIstik / INZ-tra-MENt(a)l-Istik
interfactorial (exclusivism) F122.4, F212.6 INtarfaek-TAWree-al / -TAWri-
intrinsic (duty) I823.9 in-TRINsik/zik
intrinsic liberty F442.5 in-TRINsik/zik LIbartee/ti
irrelevantism F211.6 i-RElivan-TIz(a)m / i-RElavant-Iz(a)m
isorelativity I234.8 AIsa-/AIsoh-/AIza-/AIzoh-REla-TIvatee/iti
kentron S423.1 KEN-TRAHN/-TRON
Late Lent / Yule S521.9 LEIT LENT, JOOL
li F6431N2 LEE
metadoctrinal I822.6, I851.3 MEtadahk-TRAInal / MEta-DOK-trinal
Metric Calendar S521.5 ME-trik KAElandar
Mid-Lent / -Yule S521.9 MID-LENT / MID-LENT, MID-JOOL / MID-JOOL
mode I313.1 MOHD
model, Model title MAHd(a)l / MOd(a)l
monopolarity I223.5 MAHnapoh-LAEratee / MOnapa-LAEriti
nan- (cp non-), nana- F331.6, S233.2 NAHN/NAEN (cp NON/NAHN), NAHna/NAEna
nanacatena S411.3 NAEna-/NAHna-ka-TEEna
nanaic(ity) F331.6, F332.3 nah-/na-NEI-ik, NAEnei-Isatee / NAHnei-Isiti
nanan S32.6 NAHnan / NAEnan
nanapolar(ity) F331.6 nah-/na-NAEpalar, NAEnapa-LAEratee / NAHnapa-LAEriti
nanhappiness F331.6 NAEN-/NAHN-HAEpinis
nanhonore F362.1 nae-NAHna-REE / nah-NOna-RI
naturalist (doctrine) S231.1 NAEtsharalist
negativity I223.5 NEga-TIvatee/iti
neutral(ity) I223.3 N(J)OO-tral, n(j)oo-TRAElatee/iti
neutral-directed F314.7, F316.4 NJOO-traldi-REKtid / NOO-traldai-REKtad
neutral-inclusivity title, F411.4 NJOO-tra-LINkloo-SIviti / NOO-tra-LINkloo-ZIvatee
the Norm F441.4, F642.1 dha NAWRM
normism F642.2 NAWRmiz(a)m
Northern (months) S521.9 NAWRdharn
objectual (view) I132.2 ab-DZHEK(t)sha(wa)l/tshu-al
onomastic F215.4, F362.5 AHna-/Ona-MAEstik
paraneutral S212.1 PAEra-N(J)OO-tral
perineutral(ity) I223.10 PEra-N(J)OO-tral, PEra-noo-TRAElatee/-njoo-TRAEliti
personhood I852.2 PARsan-HUD
polarity I223.4 pa-LAEriti / poh-LAEratee
positivity I223.5 PAHza-TIvatee / POzi-TIviti
predicament I132.6 PREdikamant/deekamant
presentative (system) S121.2 pree-/pri-ZENtativ
primary predicate I141.2 PRAI-MEree / PRAImari PREdikat
primary thing I143.3, I174.4 PRAI-MEree / PRAImari THING
principalship F252.4 PRIN(T)sapal-SHIP
principalship-related (exclusivism) F253.2 PRIN(T)sapal-SHIpree-LEItad/-SHIpri-LEItid
propositional I321.4 PRAHpa-ZIshan(a)l / PROpa-ZIsh(a)nal
protoneutralism F324.1 PROHta-/PROHtoh-N(J)OO-tra-LIz(a)m
protorelevantism F324.1 PROHta-/PROHtoh-RElivan-TIz(a)m / -RElavant-Iz(a)m
relevance I344.7 RElavan(t)s/livans
relevancy I344.7, I41.6 RElavansee/livansi
relevantism F211.6 RElivan-TIz(a)m / RElavant-Iz(a)m
religionism F252.7 ri-LIdzha-NIz(a)m
representative (system) S121.2 REpree-/REpri-ZENtativ
right-duty constellation I821.3 RAIT-D(J)OOtee/ti KAHNZ-ta-/KONsti-LEIshan
secondary predicate I141.2, I174.4 SEkan-DEree / SEkand(a)ri PREdikat
secondary thing I143.3, I174.5 SEkan-DEree / SEkand(a)ri THING
sib S221.1 SIB
sibling S221.2 SIbling
sinister F234.3, S212.8 SInistar
sociodenominational S531.4 SOHsee-OH-dee-NAHma-NEIsh(a)nal / SOHshoh-di-NOmi-
Southern (months) S521.9 SAdharn
symbolism S11.4 SIM-ba-LIz(a)m
symbolist (position) S231.2 SIM-balist
teleology I742.1 TElee-AHladzhee/-Oladzhi
territorial (exism) F212.8 TEra-TAWree-al / TEri-TAWri-
territorialism F241.4 TEra-TAWree-a-LIz(a)m / TEri-TAWri-
theocentrism F441.4, F642.1 THEE-a-SEN-triz(a)m
theodemonical I622.9 THEE-adi-MAHnikal/-MOnikal
theodemonism I622.9 THEE-a-DEEma-NIz(a)m
truth (principle of --) I323.2, I332.5 TROOTH
truthfulness I41.3 TROOTH-fal-nis
unneutrality I223.4 AN-n(j)oo-TRAElatee/iti
veridical(ism) F434.4 va-RIdikal, va-RIdika-LIz(a)m
weltanschauung I612.5 VELT-AHN-SHAU-ung
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Model of Neutral-Inclusivity