A primary thing which aims at, or furthers, what is ananormatively superior is a nanaic being or 'nanan'. The set of all nanaic beings in the universe of the past, present and future may be called "the all-nanaic" or "all-nanan". As a mere set of primary things the all-nanaic does in a strict ontological sense not exist as a primary thing itself, just as humankind as the set of all individual human beings does not exist either in this sense. Yet, so long as there is one nanaic thing in the universe, the all-nanaic 'exists' in the same sense as humankind 'exists'. The existence of the all-nanaic is therefore as incontestable as the existence of humankind.

The all-nanaic is not a 'being' in the sense of a primary thing such as the supreme being or a human being. But, if being is also taken in a wider sense which includes sets of beings, the all-nanaic is not merely a being but the second principal being of the neutralist denominational doctrine. Altho the term all-nanan suggests that this principal being would be a single, primary thing, this suggestion must be interpreted symbolically, for literally the all-nanan is not a (primary) thing. The expression all-nanaic is more appropriate in this respect since we could read "all nanaic beings" instead of "all-nanaic being". In both cases the function of all in all-nanaic is different from that of all in all-ananic. The all-nanaic consists of all primary things that are nanaic in at least one respect, whereas the all-ananic is a single primary thing that is ananic in all (original) respects in which it is catenal.

The all-ananic is the end of the all-nanaic in that it determines as an ideal the direction in which each thing has to aim in order to be nanaic. The all-ananic is also the end of the all-nanaic in that no nanaicity would be required, and would even be possible anymore, if the state of complete or maximum ananicity were permanently attained. This would result in the end of the existence of the all-nanaic, since no primary thing were then, and could then be, nanaic anymore.

While the all-ananic is the principal being which represents neutrality proper, the all-nanaic is the principal (set of) being(s) which represents the forces contributing to the establishment or maintenance of neutrality, and of neutral-inclusivity. While the all-ananic is the supreme being, the all-nanaic is an inferior being (or a collection of inferior beings). The all-ananic supreme being is 'all-good' if good is a purely evaluative and perfective term; it is neither good nor bad in the sense of beneficent or maleficent; and it has no creative or destructive powers. The all-nanan, on the other hand, is not good in the purely evaluative, perfective sense of good, but it is good in the sense of beneficent when this enhances a sentient being's neutral well-being. Moreover, in its striving for ananicity the all-nanan has great creative power as well.

Altho no reasonable person can take the moldy creationist belief seriously which fancies "a creator of the universe" in terms of one personal being or other primary thing, we must recognize the creative force or forces of nature which have shaped the world and the things in it as they are (or as they used to be before their destruction). As regards the material, nonbiological aspect of the world: this is controlled by gravitation and other nanaic physical forces. As regards life systems on Earth and possibly other planets: order and evolution in these systems portray a maintenance of neutrality (balance, equilibrium, symmetry, equality) and a search for this state (adaptation, acclimatization) which are characteristic of nanaicity. The physical, chemical and biological forces concerned are all determined by the same 'nanapolar li'. Therefore, the creative force or 'creator' behind the meaningful development of our world as an orderly system forms part of the all-nanaic. The universal nanaicity exhibited by this 'creator' is not different from the relatively small-scale, ananormative striving for neutrality we are urged to ourselves. It is precisely by being nanaic in some respect that we, as persons, become part of this creative principal being ourselves.

A particular thing can be creative or nanaic in many different respects and with regard to many different other things. That is why the all-nanan has countless appearances. It is the nanaic substance of the universe as a whole, and the nanaic substance in every separate field. If neutrality in that field corresponds to nondiscrimination and inclusivity, then the all-nanaic has at least as many appearances as there are facets of inclusivity. Thus one could speak of "the nanan of races", "of sexes", "of nations", "of languages", and so on. The nanan then designates the nanaic or a being that symbolically represents all primary things that are nanaic in the field concerned. The so-called 'nanan of races' includes everything that furthers racial nondiscrimination, everything that maintains racial inclusivity and everyone who fights racism.

The nanapolar field in question may also be a geographic one. Such a geographic field is, for example, that of a general natural or cultural feature, or that of one particular place or area. Thus the 'nanan of the mountains' represents everything that is nanaic in any high, mountainous area, while the 'nanan of the polders' represents everything that is nanaic in any low area reclaimed from the sea or other body of water. If Loandhiland is the (fictitious) proper name of a country, the 'Nanan of Loandhiland' represents the nanaicity in, or of, Loandhiland. (Compare the Nanan of the Bleen Sea and the Nanan of the Yellored Desert.)

Finally, the nanapolar field in question may be defined, too, in terms of a more specific, corrective value of neutralism. All beings that are nanaic because they are beneficent, for instance, are thus 'nanans of beneficence', or are symbolically part of one 'nanan of beneficence'. When good is not only used in a perfective, but also in a corrective, evaluative sense, the all-nanaic is, as it were, a 'pannanaon' of many different, good beings; that is, a 'pannanaon' of beings that are beneficent, of beings that promote interpersonal equality, of beings that combat exclusivism, and of beings that are nanaically good in any other respect.

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