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 A D D I T I O N S   A N D   R E V I S I O N S 


TRINPsite became an Internet site on the 25th day of Mid-Northwest, in the 50th year after the end of the Second World War (1995 ChrE), that is, on 50.20.4. Its first address was On 54.33.6 TRINPsite moved to its present address:, later just The old address was transferred to MVVM-site on 56.23.7.

In the more than twenty years of TRINPsite's existence enormous changes have taken place. If you want to know more about these changes and the new additions, you can choose from the following Metric year files:

Those interested in a complete list of current texts, pictures and sounds can find this in a special List of Files document. All TRINPsite files are sorted by type and put in alphabetical order in that document or in the main index page.

When studying, browsing thru or downloading the documents of this site the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • 'TRINPsite' was named "InSite" the first two years of its existence. The reasons for the change of name were given in a special notice
  • all documents are dated using a code consisting of three numbers: 12.34.5. This date appears in the top-left corner, just above the central text frame and after the name 'TRINPsite' (or 'InSite'). For an explanation of this Year-Week-Day system click here. (Before the 51st Late Northwest Month the documents were dated in a more traditional way.)
  • not only does the construction of TRINPsite continue unabatedly, changes in format and design will also continue to be made when they are believed to improve the presentation of this Internet site. As TRINPsite remains a work in progress the use of some format or design principles may not seem consistent. Altho this may be true from a nontemporal, logical point of view, in practice it is not possible to change the hundreds of documents and other files at once. New files will get the latest form and content but old files (like the present one) may still have a different form and/or content for reasons which may not appear logical at first glance.

The temporary inconsistence which ensues from the dynamic character of the construction of this site over a period of more than twenty years is found, among others, in the use of file extensions. There are now five such extensions in addition to those for picture, sound, JavaScript and Style-Sheet files:

  1. *.html for nodal (that is, nonbasic) files designed for text browsers. Almost all of these files have already been replaced with *.htm files
  2. *.htm (other than *Txt.htm) for nodal (nonbasic) files designed for graphic browsers, or for both text and graphic browsers. This extension replaces the older *.html extension. A 'nodal file' contains the code for what is also called "a hierarchical navigation page"
  3. *Txt.htm for basic nongraphic text files without any hyperlinks. This extension replaced the older plain-text files and was later replaced itself by *.HTM
  4. *.HTM for basic graphic text files without any link to a lower level (but with upward links to the main document and index).
  5. *.txt. This extension was reintroduced for the real plain text files which enable the reader to download the whole Model in no more than seven text files of the smallest size possible.

After having read this page you may prefer to click on one of the year numbers at the top of this page for quick access to the specific Additions and Revisions file of your choice.