In Southern Lent

On 60.52.7 TRINPsite comprises 830 public files, of which approximately 654 different or 'unique' ones: 121 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 395 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 8 JavaScript files, 81 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

Forms of Action and Nonaction, Thought and Nonthought, the first division of the fifth chapter of the Book of Symbols, has been given an own nodal document in the MNI branch of files. Its fourth section, A Funeral Ceremony, contains The Final Anagnorisis, which has been recorded. The information that The Final Anagnorisis has been turned into a sound file does, of course, not belong to the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity itself. Therefore the division file was created with the data of the sound file and an immediate link for those who want to listen to it. (Like all nodal files this file too can be used at any time for additional information about the division itself or its sections.)

Another *.htm file added was indRight.htm, which is used with indMult.htm and indLeft.htm in multiple viewing. It is basically a technical file which will normally not even be seen by JavaScript users. For non-JavaScript users there is a comment inviting them to have a look at the Active Content of Text Files document. At a later stage indRight.htm may also be used for other technical purposes.

The third and last file added in this period was Advice.js, which by definition will only work for JavaScript users. And even for them it should appear under no other than exceptional circumstances.

The use of the VariViewing and Multiple Viewing features started to cause problems where the frame or window in which pages were shown had to be detected first. While browsers used to accept standard simple JavaScript statements in the past to find the name of a frame or window, they may not allow this anymore at present for security reasons. On-line this led to errors and messages such as Access denied, which can be annoying for someone who does not try to do anything illegal or illegitimate. Meanwhile measures have been taken to circumvent these problems. One such measure is the use of the argument VV_T=true in the href string of the document. However, this new approach in VariViewing has not been finalized yet.

In Northern Mid- and Late Lent, Equatorial Month and Southern Yule

On 60.40.7 TRINPsite comprises 827 public files, of which approximately 651 different or 'unique' ones: 119 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 395 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 81 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

At the beginning of this period the crossword puzzles were further improved. The pages are not divided into two frames anymore but use one 'iframe' instead. This is the first use of 'iframes', that is, internal frames, at TRINPsite. As a result of a different interplay between HTML, JS and CSS scripts and files the general crossword files Clues.HTM and Crosswrd.HTM were no longer needed. The presentation and use of the puzzles has become much pleasanter now.

The only new work added to TRINPsite during these months was the short story Sumati Can Wait. This story clearly consists of two halves, of which the first half can even be read without the second. Therefore the story is offered to the reader in two separate documents: Sumati Can Wait, Part One and Sumati Can Wait, Part Two (which should only be accessed after having read the first half).

Apart from the crossword puzzles and the new short story the appearance and contents of some existing documents were changed. As a new 'note of the metric month' continues to be shown in the main document every month and as the period from Northern Mid-Lent to Southern Equinoctional covers no fewer than six months the same number of notes was added to the Notes of the Metric Months document. Changes in other files were relatively small.

In Northern Late Yule and Equinoctial Month

On 60.16.7 TRINPsite comprises 827 public files, of which approximately 651 different or 'unique' ones: 119 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 395 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 81 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

In this period the work on Given names for persons was continued. Not only were many new given names added, but also the reason and idea behind the use of such names were better explained. Moreover, a special crossword puzzle was developed in which the 'words' to be entered are personal names only. It is called "Personal given names for everybody (m/f)" and it should in a less serious way encourage the attention for and use of personal names. The nodal file Crossword Puzzles was updated in connection with this addition.

The introduction of a new interactive crossword puzzle (the third on this site) led to some general improvements for all crosswords too. The most important improvement is that the crosswords are now shown in a left, main frame, while the clues are shown in the right frame and not in little pop-up windows anymore. (The clues are also shown at the bottom of the page, but as long as the crossword is filled in while the page is loading, it is not possible to go to the bottom of a page in the meanwhile.) With the introduction of these frames two new pages were needed: Crosswrd.HTM for the left and Clues.HTM for the right frame. These two files are used for all crosswords, while the different crossword files themselves are called "CrssW001.HTM" et cetera. A page such as CrssW001.HTM contains the puzzle-specific data and defines the frames within the window (or the subframes within the frame). By preventing the 'ENTER/CHANGE WORD' script prompt from being activated during VariViewing (see below) the crossword puzzle pictures Game/Pzzl/CrssW001.gif and /CrssW002.gif became superfluous. They have been deleted.

Altho Game/Pzzl/CrssW003.HTM was the only new document added during these two months, the content of several existing documents was extended and the appearance of other existing documents improved. Two such documents are Questions and Answers and Search Engine Prominence. The former document contains new answers to new comments and the latter new TRINPsite pages which can be found at more or less prominent places in global search engines. What to think, for example, of the TRINPsite document The principle of beneficence being placed fifth by Google on a world list for such a universal word as beneficence?

While checking how TRINPsite is presented in the browser Mozilla Firefox some problems were encountered. Like with Netscape Navigator, the Variviewing feature in the main index page does not work properly with Firefox either. However, the interactive crossword puzzles can be accessed with Internet Explorer, Firefox and, one may assume, other browsers.

In Northern Early and Mid-Yule

On 60.08.7 TRINPsite comprises 826 public files, of which approximately 648 different or 'unique' ones: 119 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 392 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 81 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

Three new leaves have been added to the Notes and Papers branch. The main branch itself now carries Entropy, gravity and electricity in a neutral perspective, a basic text file, and Given names for persons, a nodal text file. The latter document actually functions as a basic one too at the moment, but it will probably become the node for a new sub-branch dedicated to names and naming systems for individuals. The Notes of the Metric Months sub-branch now carries the latest file for this year until the year 63: Notes of the Metric Months from 60 aSWW.

The old basic file ShSt/OtherDay.HTM with four fictional legends classified as short stories has been deleted and replaced by a nodal file called "The Other Day ..." with links to the four, partially renewed old legends and to one new legend in separate basic documents in a new subdirectory:

[Note: With the exception of About dikes and damns these short stories were later incorporated into Legends of the Future, Part Three of Triptych of Times, published by Vincent van Mechelen, 66 aSWW. See http://mvvm.net/Tong/ThL/Fict/Triptych.htm for more details.]

As usual, the present new leaf for the 11th year of TRINPsite's existence was attached to the Additions and Revisions branch as well.

Normally no mention is made here of the replacement of old formats by the the latest format. At the moment this format is F6. New text files will always be in F6, while more and more old text files are converted to this format. For those using JavaScript there is no visible difference between a text file in F5 or one in F6 format. Therefore this conversion has no priority. However, the difference between a file in F6 and a file in a document format older than F5 may be remarkable.

Until recently text files were listed on the main index page under Index of Pages and not on the page with the lists of files. The reason was that their presence is required there for the Variviewing feature. This meant tho that the index page contained technical details, such as URLs, which should actually be presented, together with new details, in the Lists of Files. Hence, it has been decided to gradually eliminate technical details from the index page and to gradually list all text files in the Lists of Files too. The disadvantage is that text files will have to be listed twice, but the advantage is that the index page will become shorter and its appearance greatly enhanced. At the same time there is no objection against adding more useful information, such as document formats, on the page with the lists of files.

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