In Southern Mid- and Late Lent

On 59.52.8 TRINPsite comprises 817 public files, of which approximately 639 different or 'unique' ones: 117 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 385 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 81 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

In the 48th week a new format was introduced, with the code F6:

F659.48.1suitable for non-JS browsing
see below for older formats

Text pages in this format are suitable for browsing with and without JavaScript (JS). For non-JS use a number of 'noscripts' have been added, which is a partial return to the days of yore, when the use of JavaScript was not universal. These 'noscripts' are codes between a <noscript> and a </noscript> tag, which are only read when scripts are not processed.

The new format was needed, because a standard TRINPsite text file uses external JavaScript (JS) and Cascading-Style-Sheet files. When the HTML-document is opened these external files are called upon by means of an (internal) JS script. The great advantage of this procedure is that any common change in the frame text, a picture or general layout of the hundreds of documents can be made at one central point, so that such a change does not have to be made in each document separately. It has always been, and still is, a completely safe procedure which does not in any way abuse the visitor's computer, let alone infringe upon 'er privacy. Even the VariViewing feature, the most complicated JS script at TRINPsite, does not do this by any manner of means.

Quite suddenly such scripts as described above are now considered dangerous 'active content', for active content may be used by others for illicit purposes. So, it turned out that in a great number of cases a browser may nowadays have a default setting in which no active content is processed at all. Visitors who heed the warning given by such a browser and who do not let JavaScript process the external files and perform several other (innocuous) functions will get pages of which the layout is not complete, while the VariViewing and other features will not work at all. Of course, the visitor can change 'er browser settings, so that active content will be processed as it ought to be in the case of TRINPsite. In order to encourage the visitor to do so a special technical page has been created with information about this matter, called "Active content of text files" at Info/ActCont.HTM. In the new F6 format the link to this page is found at the very bottom of the text file in a 'noscript'. The content of this 'noscript' is only visible for visitors using a browser which does not accept scripts.

The Notes branch (/Notes/) and the Papers branch (/Pap/) have been combined. There is no essential difference between long notes and short papers or essays, and the number of collections of notes and of papers did not necessitate separate file folders either. From now on there will be one Notes and Papers branch on the highest level of which the directory is named "Note" (/Note/). This directory will, of course, have subdirectories. At present, one is taken from the old Notes branch and gives access to the Notes of the Metric Months; the other is taken from the old Papers branch and gives access to the documents of Discrimination Between Right and Relevancy. This means that the Papers and Notes folder will contain both nodal and basic text files.

The paper The philosopher whose name will forever remain ... (at Notes/PhilName.HTM) was not moved to the new TRINPsite Notes and Papers folder but to a private site instead. This paper is an attack on the ideas of one philosopher in particular, a person who never attacked TRINPsite or the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity 'imself, if only because 'e died 200 years ago. This is the sole reason why the paper was deleted from the TRINPsite hierarchy of hypertextual links. (Its address is now http://www.xs4all.nl/~in/En/Note/PhilName.HTM.)

The bottom of the pages of the Vocabulary of Alliteration was slightly altered, so that these pages will better fit into the two different sites which carry the Vocabulary. This required a new (multi-site) picture: Graf/Icon/ButtonBl.gif, a blue button for access to the main document of the site concerned.

In Southern Early Lent

On 59.44.7 TRINPsite comprises 816 public files, of which approximately 638 different or 'unique' ones: 117 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 385 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 80 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

The only 'unique' file added was TRINPsite Questions ans Answers, a nodal file used as a basic text document for the time being. It contains a selection of questions, together with the answers to these questions, sent to TRINPsite by e-mail or form or entered in the guestbook. It was more and more regretted that the sometimes rather long answers given privately to visitors' questions were not available to others or were simply lost. While technically the guestbook could also be used as a means to make questions and answers generally available (altho it is not meant fot that purpose), it is not or hardly possible to use this medium in practice. For a guestbook lends itself too easily to all sorts of abuse, such as large-scale pasting and the illegitimate use of other people's names and addresses. In the new document some of the most interesting or typical questions or answers can now be read by any visitor. It goes without saying that the questioners are and cannot be publicly identified, unless they have personally done so or given permission.

Nowadays, it has become much more common to download a sound file in *.mp3 format than in *.wav format. That is why seven TRINPsite wave files in which there was no great interest have now been deleted: FinAnWi.wav, NuNm02TO.wav, NuNm3xTO.wav, ToA1SRO.wav, ToA6RTe.wav, WhAs0Ph.wav and Whl4SWO.wav. At the same time, six MP3 files were improved and changed names:

The following five sound files were improved while their names remained unchanged:

In Equatorial and Southern Yule

On 59.40.7 TRINPsite comprises 822 public files, of which approximately 637 different or 'unique' ones: 116 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 385 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 80 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

In connection with the figures from the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity added in Late Lent the following three files were created, so that all figures will be accessible from a nodal Model page as well:

The right-frame and multiple viewing features were considerably improved in Southern Equinoctial (the last month of Yule). The most important improvement was the addition of the double-clicking function. By double-clicking on a page of the latest format in a TRINPsite frame or subframe that page will now be shown in the full TRINPsite window or frame. The great advantage of this is not only that a page one is interested in is shown in a bigger frame, which requires no or less scrolling, but also that it has become much easier to return to the complete original window or frame. (Before it was necessary to go back as many times as one had gone forward.)

In the case of 'multiple viewing' the window or frame is subdivided into two horizontal or two vertical equal frames or subframes. In the case of 'right-frame viewing' the window or frame is subdivided into a right frame of full page width (if possible) and a smaller left frame with an index or similar page. By clicking a link in the left (index) page the page will not be shown in the left page itself (which will remain the same) but in the right frame. Compare this with a left page during vertical multiple viewing, where the page in the left frame itself will be changed after clicking one of its links. At the moment right-frame viewing is possible for the main index page and for the Vocabulary of Alliteration. Multiple viewing is a feature which has always been offered at the top of the main document.

The introduction of the double-clicking function required a place to inform the surfer and reader. The multiple viewing feature opens with a page for this kind of technical information in the left or top frame. The right-frame viewing feature now contains a special left-bottom frame with a reference to the double-clicking function. The 'page' in this little frame (indBott.htm and a near-copy of it, VocABott.htm) had to be especially created. The added advantage of this special addition is that it is now also made possible to start multiple viewing from rigth-frame viewing without having to go to the main document first.

From the second half of the 58th Northern Yule external access to a standard TRINPsite document, for example from a search engine, would take place in a specially opened VariViewing window with a specially created separate console window. Technically speaking, however, such windows are 'pop-up windows', and pop-up windows are but too often used for commercial puposes. Also the (entirely noncommercial) VariViewing feature started to suffer from the fight against pop-up windows and therefore it has been decided to use the improved right-frame viewing feature instead. From Southern Equinoctial anyone who accesses a standard file from outside TRINPsite will see that file in a right frame with the main index on the left, and with multiple viewing links at the bottom on the left. The VariViewing feature itself can, of course, still be started from the main index page and the TRINPsite Selection menu. This is now even possible during right-frame viewing by clicking the VariViewing 'button' in the left frame, after which the page on the right will appear in the pop-up window with the full width needed (so that no scrolling at the bottom will be necessary) and not (much) more than needed.

In Northern Lent

On 59.24.7 TRINPsite comprises 817 public files, of which approximately 633 different or 'unique' ones: 112 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 385 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 80 pictures, 4 ikons and 31 sound files.

In the first month of Northern Lent, Northern Equinoctial, the old text file Poet/NCGP/NAnn/MNIP/NarrowIsTxt.htm was given the latest F5 format and moved to a new directory. The directory is Poet/NCGP/MNIP, a folder for all Model (prose) poems, whether annotated or not. The new file, called "NarrowIs.HTM", contains the latest version of the Model poem Narrow is the neutral Middle Path. It gives access to two 83-second sound files of the whole poem as well: the original CD-quality 1.3-megabyte NarroMCD.mp3 and a telephone-quality wave file version. Include the neutral name and To Ananda were also moved from to the new folder, while the old directory Poet/NCGP/NAnn/MNIP was discontinued.

TRINPsite does not publish statistics, as quantity does not determine quality and as no one's interest in TRINPsite documents should merely or too much depend on other people's interest in those documents. Yet, some public indication of the popularity of a Web page is given by search engines in the number of links to that page shown in their results for certain words and phrases. Even more important is the ranking of that page by a search engine. However, it makes a big difference whether a page comes out top in a list of 100 or top in a list of 100,000. This is a question of prominence: even tho the 'rank' is the same, the prominence is 1,000 times larger in the latter case. Since anyone can get the links and rankings from the Web anyhow, a special document has been created by the name of Search engine prominence. This name emphasizes, again, that what counts are not the linkings and rankings as such, but the 'prominence' of a page or a whole site in the results for the particular word or set of words looked for. This is done for the TRINP values and a number of other TRINPsite terms. And the visitor fond of statistics may accept these data or check them out on the Internet 'imself.

In the last month of Northern Lent seven Model figures were scanned and added to the MNI branch of files in their original or near-original shapes. They form the following seven new 'text' documents:

The first six are figures from the Book of Instruments, the last one is a figure from the Book of Fundamentals.

In Northern Late Yule

On 59.12.7 TRINPsite comprises 808 public files, of which approximately 617 different or 'unique' ones: 112 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 376 *.HTM, 2 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 73 pictures, 4 ikons and 30 sound files.

This month only one entirely new document was added: Symmetrical Music. It contains a 'note' or article about symmetry in general and in music in particular. In this article it is explained what symmetry in music means, and how any 'regular' piece of music can be 'symmetrized'. One link is provided to a sound file of the symmetrized neutralistic chant proper (part of Include the Neutral Name) and another to the sound file of a symmetrized version of The Wheel That Turns, the fourth of the Wheel poems (and a song too). These two 'TRINPsite' sound files are presently located externally at www.xs4all.nl/~in/Sound/SymMusic, together with other, instrumental examples of symmetrical music.

For a Web site it is important to keep track of changes on the Internet, if not to keep up with advances. One such change or advance is the introduction of 'pop-up killers', which may not only make it impossible to have a pop-up window opened but also to display advertizements, to write cookies, and so on. As TRINPsite is not a commercial site by any manner of means --this site costs money rather than that it earns money--, it was not expected that such pop-up killers would in any way affect TRINPsite. Unfortunately, this expectation was wrong. And not only that, it turned out that a pop-up killer created errors on the main index page, where there were no errors without such a program. Pop-up killers would make it impossible to use the VariViewing facility, even tho the pop-up window is not at all used to draw the surfer's attention away from the page linked to. On the contrary: the surfer is invited to view that page in a separate window supported by a console with special browser features. While this problem may only concern the main index, the problem with pictures not being displayed at all, because they are treated as 'advertizements' concerns almost all TRINPsite documents. Moreover, sometimes it is checked whether a visitor comes from one particular place, which is quite something else than checking where a visitor is coming from. (This particular place is usually a TRINPsite address itself.) Also this innocuous way of checking on the visitor, who is not identified as an individual in any way, is or can be made impossible by pop-up killers.

Meanwhile adequate measures have been taken to make it wholly, or at least practically, impossible for pop-up killers and similar programs to change the JavaScript source code of TRINPsite documents. (Because that is what they do!) Another action has been taken to prevent such programs from deleting pictures (noncommercial pictures, as no TRINPsite picture is commercial anyhow). This latter measure, however, is only fully effective in documents of the latest format and in documents especially adapted for this reason.

In Northern Early and Mid-Yule

On 59.08.7 TRINPsite comprises 805 public files, of which approximately 616 different or 'unique' ones: 112 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 375 *.HTM, 2 *Txt.htm, 1 *.wml, 6 style sheets, 7 JavaScript files, 73 pictures, 4 ikons and 30 sound files.

In Northern Mid-Yule the whole Model became available in plain text files, at least to the extent that it is also available in graphic files. This was accomplished by adding the following files: one file with the last three chapters of the Book of Fundamentals (called "MNI/BoF4-6.txt"), the first three chapters of the Book of Instruments (called "MNI/BoI1-3.txt"), the central three chapters (called "MNI/BoI4-6.txt"), the last three chapters of the same book (called "MNI/BoI7-9.txt") and finally one file with the Contents, Preface and Epilogue (called "MNI/Model.txt").

The section Fake focuses of relevancy has now been turned into an up-to-date graphic file as well. The old text file is kept as a sort of 'historical' document. It dates back to 51.13.1.

On the first day of the new year a new format with the code 'F5' was introduced. It has special JavaScript truth values for external files, which have not only increased in number over the years but also in size. Before executing a script it checks whether the external file needed has been loaded. Without such a measure the user could be faced with endless error messages, especially on-line if the connection was bad. Now only one message will appear simply informing the user that the page in question is not complete. While F5 is the latest format, all previous formats are used as well for the time being. They are, in reverse chronological order:

F559.01.1with external file truth values
F458.11.1features rainbow objects
F357.45.2allows VBScript
F2--makes use of HeadObjs.js
F1--with correct resizing
M156.15.7with floating menus
V--with validated HTML
J--with JavaScript script(s)

As always, this new Add[itions a]N[d ]Rev[isions] file for the 10th year of TRINPsite's existence was added as well.

©MVVM, 59-70 ASWW

Additions and Revisions