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T R I N P s i t e, 52.30.3 I,

C H A N G E   O F   N A M E

At the beginning of Southern Yule, 52 years after the Second World War, the name of this Internet site was changed from InSite into TRINPsite for the following reasons:
  • the name Insite is being used by more and more others, also commercial companies, on different continents
  • the prefix in in the old name perfectly represented the inclusivist side of the DNI, but the acronym trinp more generally and uniquely represents all four pillars of neutral-inclusive thought.
TRINP stands for the belief in the primacy of and adherence to the values of TRuth, Relevance, INclusiveness, Neutrality and Personhood as introduced and interpreted in the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity.

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