In order to better safeguard the future of the Stichting DNI Foundation and its website the number of board members of the Stichting will have to be increased sometime in the coming years.

Candidates for membership will have to fulfil a number of requirements. Thus, they should

  • endorse and be willing to act in accordance with the Stichting's Corporate Charter. Candidates must therefore have read and sufficiently understood the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity, which forms the basis of the foundation's goal and objectives. (See some of the pertinent details of this charter.)
  • consider themselves neutral-inclusivists, using a name given in the Model or the acronym TRINP to refer to themselves in a denominational context. (They do not have to use the label neutral-inclusivist literally.) As such they shall defend inclusivism, neutralism (in a catenical sense) and veridicalism, and as such they shall oppose exclusivism, extremism and supernaturalism.
  • not consider or have considered themselves or act or have acted at the same time or in the past two years as members, followers or sympathizers of incompatible ideologies or (sub)cultures, such as those based on the Vedas, the Bible or the Koran.
  • not have had a connection with any group or organization with a practice or belief contravening the DNI, for at least the last two years. Examples of such a connection are working for, studying at or sending one's child(ren) to an educational institution of an Abrahamic creed, and collaboration with a dictatorial or monarchical system.
  • be willing to contribute in time and/or money to the Stichting what will be needed to ensure its continued existence and what may make it grow more influential and effective. A candidate's or member's financial assistance (such as a yearly contribution) and any other type of assistance will, of course, be judged by 'er means.

If you are interested in a possible future membership of the board of the Stichting DNI Foundation, please contact Vincent van Mechelen in one of the ways mentioned on the correspondence page.

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