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Do   you   want   time   and   status?
Put the Metric date in your status window!


It has now been made very easy for you to put the Metric date in the status window of any site you have designed or are going to design. It is not only free and easy, it is also a matter of principle, for the Quaternary Metric Calendar is the sole calendar that is:

  • a global calendar worldwide
  • ethnically and otherwise inclusive
  • as metric and modern as the meter
  • as natural and ancient as nature
  • and transparently perpetual

As a designer of HTML pages you will have to follow three steps:

  1. Get the JavaScript file StatWind.js from TRINPsite at the following address:
    Put the file in the same directory as the file of the page you want to add the Metric date to. (Of course, you can also create a special JavaScript directory as has been done in TRINPsite, but then you should make sure that you adjust the reference to that file below in src="StatWind.js".)
  2. Add the following statement to the HEAD of your source code, that is, between <head> and </head>:
    <script src="StatWind.js" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"></script>
  3. Add the following item to your BODY statement, that is, between <body and the end bracket >:
After saving your revised file and reloading your page, the Metric year-week-day code will appear in your status window at the bottom of your screen, preceded by the words Today's date is. For example: Today's date is 56.01.2.

You can also put the Metric date at any place in your standard or 'design' window by using the JavaScript function StatWind(truth-value). If truth-value=true the date appears in the status window, but if truth-value=false it appears in the active 'normal' window. If you want to add some text before and after the date, this part of your source code may look as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
      document.write("Today's date is ");
   // -->
Again, be sure not to forget the JavaScript item in the head, and, of course, the StatWind.js file in the same directory (or in a different one, as specified).

Good luck, and let it transpire!

Vincent van Mechelen