To conclude our treatment of sexual-excremental matters, at least two nonsexual exclusivisms should be mentioned. They are excremental and nudity-related exclusivism. Excremental subanthropic exclusivism (X.581) is a compositional manifestation concerning eliminatory acts and products of the human body, and can be fecal or urinary. Typical of the former unitary exism is its lingual operation, namely the expletive use of a fecal term like shit. Those who do not want to become vulgar in an irrelevantist way (or who do not want to be pinned down by psychoanalysts as being stuck in an anal phase) can always use expressions like Bother!, Crisis! or 'Xclude! as expletives to utter their annoyance, pain, disgust or similar emotions. The last expression also puts extra stress on the exclusion or going away of something exclusivistic, or anything else not wished for, without exclusively and excessively emphasizing the elimination of bodily waste matter. (An elimination which is by itself relevant, of course, to maintaining good health.)

Another manifestation of the lingual operations of excremental (but also sexual) exism is the deletion of everyday terms referring to feces and urine, or the acts of discharging waste thru the anus and urination, from self-repressive dictionaries. These are lingual operations of the sentimental abnegational components. (A fine Religious Science Propagational Dictionary of more than 1200 pages, for instance, may tell the user that Life, Love, Principle and Truth all mean God, that man means spiritual image and likeness of God, and it will spend not less than seven lines on what something like Religious Science is supposed to mean, but it will in a religiously 'scientific' way ignore that words like shit, piss, arse and cunt are frequently employed terms in the language it purports to describe; and if not frequently employed in the written language, then at least infinitely more frequently in the spoken language than life, love, principle and truth in the supremely eccentric sense of god.)

Nudity-( and clothing-)related subanthropic exclusivism (X.1161) is a unitary exism re the nudity or state of being (partially) dressed of (a) human or anthropomorphic being(s). It is listed under sexual-excremental exclusivisms, because its object is the urinogenital or excremental organs and the parts of the human body closely associated with sexuality and with the discharge of bodily waste. It does not really concern parts of the body like the feet or the head, and if it does, it is either another form of nudity-linked exism or simply a manifestation of sexualism (as when women have to cover their faces or heads, but not men). The disjunctive manifestations of nudity-related exism are nudity-centered and clothing-centered or vestiary exclusivism. If sentimental and abnegational, nudity-centered exism is self-repression, shame, discomfort and/or ignorance with respect to human nudity or nude people; if active and abnegational, it involves the exclusion of nudity and the discrimination of nude people, or people who want to be without clothes. If nudism is not nudity- and clothing-inclusive, for example, because it does not take into account climatic and weather conditions, then it is a manifestation of aggrandizemental nudity-centered exism. Abnegational nudity-centered or aggrandizemental clothing-centered exism is prudism. Its most manifest form is genital vestiary exclusivism, that is, the compulsive habit of always keeping the genitals covered, even in hot weather when the person in question does not mind to expose the rest of 'er body. In societies or communities that are exclusionistic in this respect 'regular' beaches are prudist beaches, while nudists are relegated to a spot as far away as possible. In religiously or politically totalitarian societies or communities that are even more exclusionistic in this respect, the existence of public beaches, parks or areas where people can be clothed or in the nude as they themselves prefer is made impossible altogether.

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